Troop 2860

Friends of Pocahontas State Park

Chesterfield, VA

You know what you need. You just want the details on what's happening now within the Troop. This page should give you all the latest and greatest in a quick and easy reference. Just scroll on down to the section below that gives you what you need and Scout On!

Troop Store

The Troop Store is where you can sign up for all our outings. If you don't see the store embedded below, you can link directly to it at

Calendar of Events

What's happening, when, and where!

Troop Photo Library

Wondering what kind of fun your child had at the last Troop Outing? Check out all the pictures on our SmugMug Photo Site! There are two easy ways listed below to get to the pictures, but whatever way you choose will require the group password. We can't post the password here, or it wouldn't be much of a secret! The password is included in an email to the Troop after each outing's photos are posted to the site.  If you can't find a recent email with the password, email to get access.

Expense Reimbursements

Was your Scout the Grubmaster at the recent campout? Maybe you were the coordinator for a weekend outing? Or you just helped out the Troop with the procurement of some essential item! You should have gotten approval for the expenditure ahead of time, and now you can fill out the online Troop Reimbursement/Disbursement Request Form and submit it along with an image of the receipt(s). Don't wait too long to submit, we only accept receipts within the last 30 days! The Troop Treasurer and Committee Chair will review the request for approval. Reimbursement via PayPal is fastest and preferred. Paper checks will take longer to process and will be available for pickup at an upcoming Troop Meeting. Thanks for helping out!

Merit Badge Counselors

Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor is a great way to support Scouting and become involved in the program. Picking a subject that you are knowledgeable and passionate about will make it fun for you and the Scouts. We can always use more than one Counselor for a given Merit Badge, so don't be concerned if there is overlap, but if you want to check out where we may have holes in coverage, you can review our Troop Merit Badge Counselor List. A paper application is required (use position code 42). You must fill out the Adult Application with Background Check and the Merit Badge Counselor Information forms. Please print and sign these, and turn them in to our Committee Chair along with a copy of your current YPT Certificate. If you are not already a registered adult leader with any Unit of the BSA, there is a $25 annual fee to be a Merit Badge Counselor. Please make check payable to "Heart of Virginia Council" and include it with your paperwork to the Committee Chair.

Medical Forms

The BSA requires the Troop to have a BSA Medical Form Parts A & B on file for any youth or adult participant at a Troop event or activity, regardless of whether they stay overnight. Parts A & B do not require a doctor's signature, only the signatures and the youth and/or adult participant. You are required to attach a photocopy of the front and back of your health insurance card to the Form. If the event is 72 hours or more in length, an additional Part C is required to be on file, which does require a physical examination and signature by a medical doctor. All Medical Forms Part A, B & C are only good for 1 year from the date of signature, and new forms must be filled and and submitted at that time. The Troop cannot accept electronic copies of Medical Forms or photocopies of Medical Forms - we must have the original with inked signatures.

Individuals are highly encouraged to use the form-fillable PDF versions posted below to type in all required information, and save the file to edit and update in future submissions as new forms are required. Printing and signing a new form-filled PDF is a lot less burdensome than handwriting out all the information on a new form every year.

Merit Badge Process

As we invented new ways to Scout during the COVID-19 pandemic, we revamped our Merit Badge process to be completely paperless! No more smushed Blue Cards crammed in the bottom of a backpack or handbook cover. We are now leveraging the tracking abilities of Scoutbook for electronic Blue Cards while the Scout is in the process of completing the requirements.  At our next Court of Honor, the Scout will still receive a physical completed Blue Card with the Merit Badge stapled to it. This printed Blue Card needs to end up in their Scout Binder! So the new process is as follows:

Merit Badge Booklet Library

If your Scout is working on a Merit Badge and would like to use the printed pamphlet to aid in their learning of the skills and topic, the Troop owns a Library of Merit Badge Pamphlets normally available for purchase through the Scout Shop. These booklets are maintained by the youth position of Librarian in the Troop. You can view the inventory of the Troop Library here. If you would like to check out a Merit Badge Pamphlet from the Troop Library, please submit this request form. The Librarian will check availability and assign the booklet to your Scout, delivering it at the next Troop Meeting.

If you prefer to stay digital, there is a great electronic library of all Merit Badge Pamphlets curated by Troop 109 in New Jersey. Check out their Online Merit Badge Library.

Life to Eagle Process

This is a guide for Scouts, parents and unit leaders to help navigate the steps from Life to Eagle. You can also download a two-page Reference Guide of the steps below to review offline. Final paperwork should be submitted in a ½” three-ring binder at your Eagle Board of Review. Please keep electronic backup copies of all documents and signature pages.