Welcome Webelos! 2011

From Mr. Wheeler on 10/27/11

Greetings Webelos Scouts!  Are your ready to do some Scouting!!  T2860 has a super fantastic major fun camp ready for you!!!  

But, first things first.

WEBELOS UNIVERSITY -  On behalf of Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) Alec L. you are invited to our Webelos University on November 9th, Woodlake United Methodist Church, 7:00pm in the sanctuary.  We’re planning several activity stations custom designed just for you.  Will these stations be run by adults you ask?  Absolutely not!  Our Scouts run our Troop!  T2860 Scout leaders are eager to greet you and share a fun night of hands-on skill activities.  Our Scout leaders just wrapped up our annual T2860 Leadership College and are rip snorten ready for leadership challenges!

Now, that said, the shooting sports orientation station will be manned by both Scout Leaders and our National Rifle Association Rifle and Shotgun certified range instructor adult leaders.  We love our shooting sports, kayaking, canoeing, biking, backpacking, camping, and Mountain Man woodsman skills.  Our throwing tomahawk and knife orientation stations are sure to get your Scout’s attention!!  

Webelos parents, we have a great “Year of Scouting” presentation for you that should answer most of your questions about Boy Scouting in a very fun and informative way.  We promise it won’t be boring!!  While your son is enjoying the stations, you’ll be checking out our adult presentation in room 130.  Several adult leaders will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Recruit Webelos?  Absolutely not, not at T2860.  Our program strength speaks for itself.  Our goal is for your Scout to find a great home Troop that fits his interest in Scouting.  We would LOVE for that Troop to be T2860!  But it is far more important that your Scout successfully continue into Boy Scouting in a Troop that fits him.  Our Webelos University is specifically designed for Webelos to find out about Boy Scouting in general.  That said, our Scouts are extremely proud of their Troop and can hardly contain themselves, but you get the idea.

SHOOTING SPORTS CAMP!!  You are invited to our Shooting Sports camp, November 11/13, locating is the 4H Activity Center at Holiday Lake near Appomattox VA.  Details are attached.  As a T2860 guest, you will be a Boy Scout at this camp!  BSA guidance for Boy Scouting applies.  All Webelos attending are required to have an attending adult.  Again, camp details are attached.  Did I mention it’s FREE for Webelos guests!!!  Sign up Nov 9 or contact me earlier, permission form attached.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!! – Plan to visit us again on November 16, WUMC 7:00pm, to check out the presentation by Mrs. Colleen Harlow, Wild Animal Rescue and Rehabilitator.  Mrs. Harlow will have several display animals to share with us and will offer a fantastic information presentation during her visit.  T2860 has practically adopted this program as one of our own.  Our Scouts have completed several Eagle projects for Mrs. Harlow and her state licensed rehabilitation program.  We always have a small donation offering that you can help with if you’d like.  I’ll send a list of items that Mrs. Harlow and her animals could use that you can bring in on Nov 16.  Bring them to the meeting and we’ll see that the materials get to Mrs. Harlow.  

Contact me anytime.  I’m here to help you make a successful transition to Boy Scouting.

Boy Scout Troop 2860 Scoutmaster
Mark Wheeler

Nov 9 – Web U
Nov 11/13 – Shooting Sports Camp
Nov 16 – Wild Animal Rehabilitation 

Date: 08_30_11


Welcome to the Boy Scout Troop 2860 web page. I’m glad you found your way here! We have lots of updated news and information for you about our Troop and schedule of events for September 2011 through to December 2012. Let’s get started!

My name is Mark Wheeler and I’m the Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 2860 sponsored by Woodlake United Methodist Church (WUMC) 6601 Woodlake Village Parkway, Midlothian VA. 

The message you’re currently viewing has information about our schedule of major events. Also on our web site you can find:

  • A detailed invitation for Webelos Scouts to go camping with us in September 2011 and

again in November 2011.

  • An invitation to our annual Webelos University in November

  • A welcome to new scouts information message offering details about T2860.

  1. Visiting T2860

Webelos scouts and their adults are always welcome to visit T2860 anytime.  With few exceptions we meet on Wednesday nights at WUMC at 7:00pm in the sanctuary.  Webelos scouts are highly encouraged to visit a “regular” meeting to experience Boy Scouting in a prospective Troop. If you’d like to visit with the Senior Patrol Leader and Scoutmaster during your visit, please contact the Scoutmaster about your attendance plans prior to your arrival. Our meetings are very busy. We’d love to schedule time to meet you and assure your visit is as productive as possible. We should also confirm our meeting dates as our sponsor follows the Chesterfield County School closing policy and occasionally we forgo a meeting to take care of other business.

Besides visiting a regular meeting, please also look for our annual invitation to our Webelos University each November. Information about this event may be found on our web page in the Webelos section.


You’re probably wondering about what Troop 2860 does, if the Troop is active and if the Troop is a good fit for your Scouting interest. T2860 averages about 200 total events per year. We camp or have a large event every month. Generally we meet twice a week, once for our regular Wednesday meeting and again on Thursday nights for our offered merit badge class or leadership training. Most weekends will find us busy helping on Eagle Scout Projects, community service projects, camping, or conducting meetings to plan our next event.

If you like traveling, exploring new places, and going on adventures with your friends, then T2860 might be a good fit for you. In September 2010, we were getting ready to go hiking in the Shenandoah National Park near Loft Mountain. In October 2010 we headed to North Carolina and the Dismal Swamp. Here’s a quick rundown of the camps from Sept 2010 going through to Sept 2012:

  • Sept 2010 Shenandoah National Park Hiking

  • Oct 2010 Great Dismal Swamp Canoeing and Hiking

  • Nov 2010 Springs Camp Shooting Sports and Movie Night

  • Dec 2010 Antietam National Battlefield and Luminary Night

  • Jan 2011 DC Mall Hike and Museum visit

  • Feb 2011 Timberline Snow Skiing

  • March 2011 Elizabeth City North Carolina Coast Guard Air Rescue Station

  • April 2011 Camp Savvy Skills and Order of the Arrow Tapout

  • May 2011 Backpacking Three Ridges

  • June 2011 EXTRAVAGNZA5 Rappahannock River Journey Camp

  • July 2011 Summer Camp Blue Ridge Mountain Council

  • Aug 2011 Bicycling at High Bridge State Park

  • Sept 2011 Mountain Man Rendezvous District Camp

  • Oct 2011 Backpacking Mount Pleasant

  • Nov 2011 Shooting Sports camp

  • Dec 2011 NASA and Fort Langley camp

  • Jan 2012 Fort Eustis, Newport News camp

  • Feb 2012 Timberline Skiing

  • March 2012 Camp Savvy Skills, Order of the Arrow Tapout

  • April 2012 Verdun Adventure Camp

  • May 2012 Sailing Camp Chesapeake Bay

  • June 2012 EXTRAVAGANZA6 Bicycling the Creeper Trail, Mount Rodgers Hike

  • July 2012 Summer Camp Blue Ridge Mountain Council

  • Aug 2012 Baltimore Camp

  • Sept 2012 Kiptopeke Kayaking, Fishing, Power boats camp


As you can see from the major camp rundown that T2860 gets around! If you like shooting sports, kayaking, canoeing, bicycling, hiking, fishing, or like to complete merit badges, help your community, and want to learn and practice leadership and woodsman skills, we’ve got you covered. All of this and much more are part of our program.

Want to know more about Boy Scouting and T2860?  We have a team ready just for you.  Our T2860 Webelos Scout Master Conference Team (T2860WSMCT) will travel to your Den meeting and bring our Boy Scouting experiences to you.  Just let me know your Den meeting date, location, and time and we’ll be there. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about T2860, our camps, or Boy Scouting in general.  Our goal is to help Webelos Scouts successfully move on to the wonderful world of Boy Scouting.  We don’t recruit Webelos scouts.  We do offer information about Boy Scouting and many opportunities to try out T2860 as a prospective home Troop.  Make no mistake, we would love to have your Webelos Scouts join us but we are much more interested in helping him make a good Troop choice that fits him.  Please contact me if you’re interested in scheduling a T2860WSMCT date, camping with us, or visiting the Troop.

T2860 Scoutmaster

Mark Wheeler



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