Troop Web Policy

  Troop 2860 Web Policy 
This is Troop 2860's draft policy for the use of the web.
  • The web site exists to provide a convenient source of information to troop members, leaders, and parents.
  • The web site is not the primary means for the supplying troop information.
  • The troop and patrol meetings will be the main source for information and the web site is a resource or reference to support those meetings.
  • The web site respects the privacy and safety of all troop members.
  • No scout names will be posted on public areas of the site.
  • Pictures will not be associated with scouts' names and will be removed immediately if the scout's parent or guardian objects.
  • Email addresses on public areas of the site will go through the troop's domain (e.g.
  • Links to other web sites will be strictly limited to troop related events and needs.
  • Links to individual scout's web pages are not allowed.
  • Material posted to the site that originates from a scout must be approved by two of the following leaders: scoutmaster, committee chair, troop secretary, webmaster.
  • All material presented on the web site will be appropriate for Scouting.
  • The site must follow the Scout Oath and Law.
  • The webmaster or scoutmaster must approve all content.
  • Protected areas of the site will be password protected.
  • The password will be given to scouts, leaders, and parents.
  • The password will be changed periodically.
  • A scout is Loyal and will not improperly divulge the password.
  • Interactive forums, such as chat rooms or bulletin boards, are not allowed.