Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader(s)
Elected by the Troop for a term of six (6) months, typically in September and March of each year 

Pre-Requisites: (pre-requisites must be met by the date of the election)
  • Minimum age of 14 and minimum rank of Star 
  • Must be approved by the Scoutmaster to stand for election
  • An ASPL may be re-elected to the position, and may serve in successive terms  
  • Must have been a registered member of Troop 2860 for a minimum of six (6) month
  • Must be a member in “In Good Standing” (Scouts are considered “In Good Standing” when they are registered with the Troop and have met the minimum participation requirements).
  • Scouts must contact the Scoutmaster at least one (1) week before the election to be eligible.
  • Serves at the direction of the Senior Patrol Leader 
  • The assistant senior patrol leader works closely with the senior patrol leader to help the troop move forward and serves as acting senior patrol leader when the senior patrol leader is absent
  • Note: during his term, the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader(s) is not a member of a patrol.

Every Scout should be reminded prior to Elections that they should cast their vote for candidate they think could best fulfill the duties of the office, rather than base their vote on popularity of the candidate.