Merit Badge Procedure

Merit Badge Procedure 

Before starting work on any merit badge, a SCOUT must obtain:
  1. The Scoutmaster's permission to begin the merit badge
  2. A Blue Card signed by the Scout Master
The Scout must speak to the Scoutmaster, and keep track of his card(s), fill out the card where needed, obtain signatures, and return the card to the Scoutmaster and Advancement Chairman when completed. 
This responsibility is as much a part of this process as doing the merit badge work itself.

A blue card is divided into three sections with six printed parts. Lets look at them one at a time:
  1. Application for Merit Badge:
    1. Part of this portion is filled out by the Scout - Name, Address,
      City, registered (Boy Scout), Troop (Troop 2860), District (Arrohattoc), Council
      (Heart of Virginia)
    2. The "Date" and "Signature of Unit Leader" is completed by the
      Scout Master

  2. Center Section same side:
    1. "Requirement No. and Letter""Date of approval", and "Counselor
       are all filled out by the merit badge counselor as the Scout
      completes sections of the merit badge.

  3. Left section same side:
    1. Brief info to assist the Applicant and Counselor offered by BSA.
      "Information for Applicant""Information for Counselor"
  4. Where you see this "The applicant has personally appeared before me and
    demonstrated to my satisfaction that he has met all requirements for the
    (Please Print)"

    1. The merit badge counselor will fill this out to the solid black
      line, including "Merit badge""Name of counselor""Address of counselor",
      "City""Zip Code""Telephone number of counselor""signature of
       and "Date".
    2. The Advancement Chair will fill out below the solid black line
      where you see "Checked and recorded:", "Date", "Initials", "Certificate and
      badge presented", and "Date". 

  5. Applicant's Record:
    1. The Scout may fill in "Name" (print please) and "Merit badge".
    2. The Counselor fills in "Completed on Date" and "Signature of

    3. The Scout Master fills in "Signature of unit leader" when the
      Counselor has finished their part.
  6. Counselor's Record:
    1. The Counselor fills in all data in this section.

When we work on merit badges at meetings:

  • A blue card will not be issued for "meeting" merit badge effort until the meeting series has been completed.
  • At the conclusion of the "meeting" merit badge series, an attendance roster and MB sections completed will be submitted to the MB counselor by the SPL.
  • The MB counselor will then complete the blue card and do one of the following:
    • Give completed MB cards to the Scout Master after retaining counselor portion
    • Give Scout back incomplete card