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Merit Badges and Blue Cards

Merit Badge Information:
  • Merit Badge Procedure
  • Information about Merit Badge procedures can be found here. 
  • Anatomy of a Blue Card 
    The document located here will graphically identify the various sections of a blue card.

  • Troop 2860 "So you want to be a Merit Badge Counselor" 
    The document located here will explain what YOU need to do to help your son and the troop by being a "Merit badge Counselor".

  • Troop 2860 MB Counselor List (Restricted)
    Information about Merit Badge Counselor's can be found here .

  • The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia offers several merit badges

     -- visit here for details.Register as soon as practical because classes may fill up.  There may be prerequisites so give yourself at least a few weeks to Be Prepared.