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Life to Eagle Coordinators - Life Scout Info

posted Oct 17, 2010, 11:42 AM by Paul Diming   [ updated Nov 12, 2014, 5:32 PM by Aj Mezynski ]
Greetings Life Scouts. Some of you are already involved in Eagle Scout projects. Others are just thinking about a project or working on merit badges. All of you should have set your highest scouting goals. 

An Eagle project, start to finish, takes months. Starting an Eagle project within three months from your 18th birthday or later stresses you, our Life to Eagle Coordinators, and the troop. Even at six months it would be cutting it close. A project that is too large also places a strain on our troop resources. Projects that are too small, poorly researched and planned, or insufficiently documented, causes delays in the project process. 

To keep Eagle projects on track, the troop has adult Life to Eagle coordinators who are tasked with overseeing a scout’s project from concept to conclusion. ASMs Mr. Yarbrough, Mr. Godon, Mr. Beuglass, and Mr. Grabham are our troop Life to Eagle coordinators. 

Within the week, I will be assigning every T2860 Life Scout to a specific Life to Eagle coordinator. The Scout will review and discuss every move on his project, concept to conclusion, with his assigned adult coordinator. Scouts may discuss smaller details with any coordinator but must receive approval by his assigned coordinator for all project actions taken. As Scoutmaster, I will defer all decisions about a project to the scout’s Life to Eagle Coordinator. The coordinators and I will be in close contact about projects, troop resources, schedule and all project matters, but a Scout must work his project with his coordinator. 

One example of a primary project step is that a Scout must discuss their idea or project with their coordinator BEFORE discussing with a benefitting non-profit organization. 

Parents of Life Scouts – You are not out of the loop. Your encouragement and support, including less than gentle use of your foot, is highly encouraged. However, the project must be planned, documented, and run to the greatest extent possible by the Scout. The Scout must honor the process. T2860 has very high expectations and standards that we will adhere to. Please do not get frustrated by the process. The goal is the development of the scout as he transforms into an Eagle Scout, not simply completion of a project and knocking out merit badges. Experience has shown that age 16 is the sweet spot for a scout to wrangle a project. Life Scouts who are too young or immature won’t gain the full young adult transition benefit of the process. Older scouts rushing projects to beat their 18th birthday will be stressed and won’t enjoy the process as much. There are always exceptions. I’m sure you want your scout to experience the full benefit of the Eagle Scout transformation process. 

Our troop web site has resources that will help a scout get started and stay on track with his project. The Life to Eagle coordinators have DVDs prepared with every possible needed document. We also have a step-by-step check off sheet to guide scouts through the process of working with their Life to Eagle coordinator, the T2860 committee, the District committee, and on through to project conclusion. We are still refining the check sheet slightly but you will find it very helpful. 

I’ve attached a couple of links to our site. 

I’m looking forward to the honor of helping all of our T2860 Scouts achieve their highest Scouting goals. 

Mark Wheeler