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Eagle Projects

How do I start my Eagle project? 

First be sure that you are withing 2 merit badges of completion.

Secondly, the information about Eagle Scout projects is best summarized at a website called
It has a great deal of information about making Eagle Scout and is especially good about explaining the steps for a project. Please visit the site. But here are the most important details:

  • Download the Eagle Scout Project workbook from the troop website. This  book will take you through the steps.
  • You must identify a possible project, discuss it with a representative of the organization that it will benefit from the project
  • Then talk with your "Life to Eagle adviser" about the project and decide if you should move forward with the approval process
  • Your adviser will make sure that the project meets all the requirements of the Scout Council.
  • As you follow the steps in the workbook you'll have to get approval from:
    • The Organization
    • The Scoutmaster
    • The Troop Committee  (This can be done at a monthly troop committee meeting. Check the troop calendar for the schedule.)
  • After the troop committee approves the project you must get approval from the Scout Council at the monthly  Roundtable meeting (The Roundtable is usually held the first Thursday of every month).
  • Only after all this is done can you even begin work on your project. 
So you can see how important it is that you plan and begin the process early!

Your assigned Life to Eagle counselor, is available to help you through the steps, just call, write, or meet with them. Scouts that have recently gone through the process, can also provide you with some valuable insight.

Sources for Eagle Projects 

In the past, our scouts have completed projects for a variety of community organizations. Churches, schools, and state parks always have a backlog of projects they need assistance with. Other community aid and county organizations have also benefited from Eagle Scout projects and would love to have another project more done for them.

Here's a list of a few recent resources for projects: