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West Virginia Extravaganza 2


When: June 19 - 21 (yes, that’s THREE nights of camping!)

Where: Greenbrier State Forest, WV

What: 25 and 50 mile bike ride along a beautiful rails to trails bike trail and a day of canoe paddling down the scenic Greenbrier River

Who: Troop 860 Scouts, Leaders, and helpful parents. Sorry, no siblings or Web’s on this one.

Cost: $20.00 per camper.
June 19:

Muster at the parking area across from the pool at 3:00pm. Drive time is 4 hours. Have car lunch ready to munch. Arrive at Greenbrier State Forest Camping Area at approx 7:30pm. Prepare camp, have a simple cracker barrel, and get ready for an action packed Friday!

June 20:

Up by 7:00am, Patrol breakfast, load bikes, and prepare for the day.

Muster at 8:30am, leave at 9:00am.

Options for a 12, 25, or 50 mile bike ride. Troop lunch provided at the 12 and 25 mile rest stops.

Off trail by 5:00pm

Return to camp by 6:00pm PATROL COOKING!

June 21:

Up by 6:30am, Patrol breakfast, and prepare for the day.

Muster at 7:45am, leave for Greenbrier camp grounds at 8:00am

Arrive at Green Bank at 9:00am, begin safety orientation

Complete orientation at 10:00 board shuttles to river

Put in River by 11:00 AM

Troop Lunch on the River

Pull our of River by 5:00 PM

Arrive at Camp, 6:30pm

Troop Cooking!

June 22:


Troop Breakfast at 9:00am

Break camp by 10:00am

Home by 2:00pm


Greenbrier Bicycle Ride. Follow the beautiful Green Brier River through the most scenic country our nation has to offer. We’ll offer a 12, 25, or 50 mile bike ride. This will provide an opportunity to cover many of the requirements necessary for the bicycling merit badge. Greenbrier River Trail

Greenbrier Camp Grounds - Outfitter providing the canoes for our day on the water.

Greenbrier State Forest. Talk about having plenty of room! Our camping area is HUGE and the field up above our area is also HUGE. Cloudless nights will be filled with stars as we are far from any major light source. Nothing commercial here, just wide open spaces. We’re locating rented portable restrooms on site but fear not, porcelain is right across the road at the regular campground including showers. The pool down the way will also be open including a bath house.