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Pace Farm Campout - 2004

Pace Farm Campout
We will meet Saturday morning, 7 AM at Cloverhill Elementary School. We can't meet at WUMC the same time as Troop 806, the parking lot would be too crazy! We will depart CHES parking lot by 7:30 AM. We'll drive in a loose convoy--maps will be provided to all drivers that morning, cell phone numbers will be distributed also for help if you get separated or the Pace Farm gets lost. When we meet on Saturday the 17th, scouts should:
  • be in full uniform!
  • Have already eaten breakfast before coming.
  • Have a bag lunch for Saturday. Water is a good drink, juice and soda attract bugs and yellowjackets.
  • If it is a warm, sunny day scouts should have sunscreen. If it is cool or rainy have a jacket or poncho.
  • Scouts should have all their gear for the weekend (a short list is below)

This is a fun and easy camp-out on purpose! New scouts will have a chance to meet many older scouts and begin to feel like a real Boy Scout by the end of the weekend. They will have a chance to accomplish many tasks and requirements. Don't miss it!

The permission slip is on the website and more will be available at the next troop meeting! The cost is only $10. This covers the group purchase of food and cost of port-o-potties. The permission slip is necessary to help us get a headcount and ensure your scout is covered by troop insurance during the activities.

Below is a copy of the itinerary for the campout and a map.

Family Dinner
Saturday afternoon families can begin to gather at the Pace Farm by 4:30 PM. There will be a designated parking area. Families will bring dinner to share with others. This is a gigantic potluck affair. Bring blankets, camp chairs, food, dessert, brothers and sisters. Be sure to bring some food to share! Dress appropriately for the weather. You will have a chance to visit with your son. We begin to eat by 6 PM.

Saturday Evening Events

Saturday evening there will be a campfire, skits and scout entertainment. There will also be a somber, Order of the Arrow ceremony for those scouts selected for this honor. Families should stay to watch. Bring something to sit on and a flashlight to find your way out at the end. After this ceremony families are asked to leave.
The catapult competition (and subsequent water balloon fight) will be held as usual before Saturday night's dinner.

Preparations for older scouts

On the afternoon of the 16th a number of older scouts will go to the Pace Farm to help set-up the various activities. Those scouts will be notified in advance. They will bring all their gear with them for the weekend.

Sunday's Plans

Sunday morning scouts prepare breakfast, attend chapel, participate in volleyball and clean the area up. Families are encouraged to pick-up their scout from the Pace Farm at Noon, or make other arrangements. Scouts who remain will be transported back after the clean-up. Estimated time of arrival back at the old First Union Bank next to Lucky's at Woodlake is 1 PM.


  • Saturday Breakfast--eat at home.
  • Saturday Lunch--bring a bag lunch.
  • Saturday Dinner--parents bring from home to share.
  • Sunday Breakfast--scouts prepare breakfast as a group (troop provides the food).

Clothing and equipment
  • Tents. Bring what you have. It's not necessary to purchase something new for this camp-out. This is an easy access camping trip.
  • Sleeping bag. Bring what you have. Again, don't rush out to purchase something new. You still have time.
  • Backpacks. Not necessary for this trip. This is almost like backyard camping. Many scouts just use a duffel bag or something similar for this event.
  • Clothing. We always wear the full Class A uniform when we leave for a camp-out. Scouts can either change or wear a comfortable t-shirt underneath. Scouts will participate in many activities during the day so they should have shorts, comfortable shoes and one or two changes of socks and underwear. Dress for the weather. It could be rainy or sunny and warm.
  • Order of the Arrow members should bring their sashes!
  • Accessories. Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses if sunny! Plenty of water: bring a good water bottle or canteen. Bug repellent helps if hot and moist outside.

Mandatory Rules for the Campout
Important! No new scout may bring a knife, hatchet, axe or cutting tool unless they have their Toten Chip card issued by Troop 860. They will receive one during training on Saturday so they may bring these items on their next camp-out in May.

Important! No scout, new or old, may have electronics with them! No gameboys, walkmans, radios, etc. I will confiscate these items and return them on Sunday if I see them.

Important! We will have an adult leader collect medications when we gather, unless the parent will be on hand to distribute the meds during the camp-out. If you give us the meds be sure that full instructions accompany the meds and they are in a marked and sealed bag like a baggie.

Did we mention the volleyball plaque?
On Sunday we will defend our volleyball dynasty starting at 10:30AM. Be there to help and cheer the scouts and leaders as we strive to maintain our undefeated streak.
Aj Mezynski,
Mar 1, 2009, 3:08 PM
Aj Mezynski,
Mar 1, 2009, 3:08 PM
Aj Mezynski,
Mar 1, 2009, 3:08 PM