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October 2004 Backpacking Trip

October Backpacking Trip
Mt. Pleasant National Scenic Area

October 22nd - 24th
Mr. Diming


This backpacking trip is open to all Scouts and Adult Leaders.
Backpacking! This trip will provide experience with carrying everything you need on your back for two nights. Allowance will be made for the youngest who can not carry a heavy pack. In this case, they can leave tents where they are and carry enough drinking water for the hike. Otherwise, they will be exposed to the basics of backpacking.

Personal first aid will be stressed. Proper foot care will be stressed.

Food will be prepared on backpacking stoves as opposed to fires. Patrol cooking will be allowed if that is the desire of the Patrol. However, the boys must carry all of their food and cooking equipment. The Mac Scouter web site has several good douments on backpacking food.

The USFS stresses "Leave No Trace" camping. Here is the BSA principles of "Leave No Trace".

This event is designed to meet the objective of a Backpacking experience in October as scheduled by the troop during the 2004 Planning Conference. Backpacking helps boys learn self reliance.
Mt. Pleasant National Scenic Area. Within the George Washington National Forest near Oronoco, VA.
October 22nd – 24th, 2004. We will schedule an early departure (4:30 PM) to allow enough travel time.
The younger boy scenario is this:
  1. Drop off at trail head.
  2. Hike 1-2 miles to camp site (Time permitting)
  3. Camp Friday night.
  4. Pack up and hike the Mt. Pleasant loop for a total of six miles returning to the starting point.
  5. Set up camp again, but at a slightly different location for variety.
  6. Camp Saturday night.
  7. Break camp Sunday, hike out 1-2 miles to trail head again.

The Venture patrol scenario could run like this (first three steps are the same as young boys. WeÂ’ll start out as one troop):
  1. Drop off at trail head.
  2. Hike 1-2 miles to camp site.
  3. Camp Friday night.
  4. Pack up and head north on the Appalachian Trail approximately eight miles to the Lynchburg Reservoir where there is a campground.
  5. Camp Saturday night at the Reservoir.
  6. Pick up at the campground. Packing out is also possible.
The Venture patrol can examine the maps and suggest other hiking alternatives.

Aj Mezynski,
Aug 23, 2009, 12:32 PM
Aj Mezynski,
Aug 23, 2009, 12:32 PM