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May 2005 at Mt. Pleasant

Our May activity will camping and backpacking in the Mt. Pleasant area. We will have three activity levels that should satisfy all scouts.

  • The younger scouts will camp in the meadow near Mt. Pleasant.
  • The middle scouts will backpack into the meadow, then spend both nights in the meadow.
  • The older scouts will backpack the whole weekend, arriving Saturday night in the meadow to camp with the rest of the troop.

Activities planned for Saturday will help the scouts with rank advancement, including a day hike on the Mt. Pleasant trail. Hopefully we will have a view from the top this time.

Permission Slip
The permission slip is due by the May 18th troop meeting.

The fee for the weekend is $15 to cover food and fuel. Since the scouts backpacking for the weekend will be providing their own food, they will pay $5 and use the other $10 for their food costs.
Aj Mezynski,
Mar 1, 2009, 3:31 PM