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Training Plan

Troop 2860 Weekly "Grinder" Workouts

"...To keep myself physically strong..." 

The development of a High Adventure training plan is critical to trek safety and success.

 A structured High Adventure Weekly Workout “club” within the Troop was inspired by Troop 111 of Charlottesville VA. See weblinks:


·    Scouting Magazine Article about Troop 111 Grinder

 Troop 2860 will experiment with the following plan starting in May 2017:

·    Grinder session:  weekly 1-hour meeting, Sundays 4-5pm rain or shine,  at the Career & Technical Center (former Clover Hill High School) track to perform exercise circuits and other drills as a group.

·    Pre-Troop meeting Grinder:  a 30-minute block before the start of each Troop meeting to encourage physical strength among the broader troop members. Location: WUMC soccer field and Hampton Park trails for running.

·    The Grinder sessions could be incorporated during Troop camp outs (Saturday mornings)  and other activities.

High Adventure Scouts will lead the workout sessions. They are charged with researching various exercise plans, starting with the Personal Fitness Merit Badge booklet.   Other ideas for variety can come from many sources, like the Spartan Race Kid’s Exercise Plan  and the Sandbag Exercises

The following spreadsheet posts the draft schedule for High Adventure training, including the weekly workouts, merit badges, hikes, and campouts. 

Please contact anyone on the High Adventure subCommittee with questions.

high adventure MB-trips-workout schedule.xlsx