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2021 recharter

Attention Troop 2860-Boys & Troop 2860-Girls!  Scouts – Parents – Adult Leaders

Recharter (2021 BSA Membership Renewal) has begun and we are collecting your 2021 Membership fees and any required paperwork.

You can accomplish this in the following ways:

1. Pay Online via our Troop web store via Credit Card or Debit here (PayPal fees apply): 
2. Via Check* (email Hope Mezynski at for mailing address) (*PayPal fees do not apply to a Check payment)
3. You may use Scout Account funds (if applicable) to pay all or a portion of your fees (Contact Hope Mezynski for your Scout's Account balance)

The following is the list of BSA Membership fees for 2021:

Please Note: Effective August 1, 2020, there is a one-time BSA Registration fee of $25 for a NEW Youth Membership Application (only applies to a Youth that is not currently registered with the BSA and does not apply to a Scout transferring within the HOVC from another Unit (Pack/Troop) to Troop 2860)

Youth - 2021 Membership Fees $96.00** (**reflects a $6 BSA dues increase for 2021)

(BSA National: $66**, HOVC: $10, T2860: $20) This comes out to only $8.00 per month.

    Scout Life Subscription (optional) $12.00

+Adult - 2021 Membership Fees $72.00 (for all adult volunteers; includes cost of Background check)

    OA - 2021 Membership Fees $20.00 (Order of the Arrow Members only)

Please note that dues need to be paid to T2860 no later than November 2nd for processing.

+All registered Adult volunteers (Committee/ASM) must have their YPT (Youth Protection Training) current through the Council's Recharter period 'til at least April 30, 2021. If your YPT expires prior to this date, please renew it.


All new Adult BSA registrations require the BSA Background Check Authorization form, a BSA Adult Application with your BSA ID # listed and a current YPT certificate.

For those of you who are a dual registered adult leader with another Troop or Pack, you may pay fees with either Unit, but you'll need to let the Troop Committee Chair know which Unit you will be paying through so that we can appropriately update our recharter forms.