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2020 November Shooting Camp AKA "SSC2020"

What:     Troop 2860's November Shooting Camp is designed to share Troop 2860's program with future Boy Scouts.
When:    Saturday, November 7th, thru Sunday, November 8th
Where:   Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center, 1267 4-H Camp Rd, Appomattox, VA 24522
Cost:       $50.00 per person for Registered members of Troop 2860-B and 2860-G
                $25.00 per person for Webelos / Arrow of Light guests (this fee covers the cost of camping, food and activities) 

Due to precautions for COVID 19 things will look a little different. The "Scouting Guide for the Pandemic" can be found here.

Need to Know Info:
  • Shooting Sports Camp will now start on Saturday morning (Nov. 7th) at 9:00AM and end on Sunday morning (Nov. 8th) at 9:00AM. 
  • We WILL NOT be camping as a troop on Friday night so we can avoid folks arriving at different times during the night or being too rushed to get there. Plus, it's challenging for some to find in the dark.
  • We are not traveling as a troop. 
Scouts must provide their own transportation to an from camp and their gear will be dropped off and picked up from Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center.    
    *   Carpooling is at the family's discretion.
                Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center is about 63 miles from Woodlake w/ average travel time of 1 hour 15 minutes

Cost for SSC2020 will be $50.00 per scout/adult and $25.00 per Webelos/Adult
This fee covers meals, camping, and ammo. There is no difference in cost if you do not eat, camp, or shoot.

The troop will provide and serve lunch, dinner, and cracker barrel on Saturday along with a grab and go breakfast on Sunday.
No patrol cooking 

Shooting activities include: shotgun (clays), rifle (target and fun shot), archery, pellet rifle (knockdown targets), tomahawk and knife throwing, and sling shot
Webelos and AOL scouts can not participate in rifle, shotgun, and hawk/knife throwing

Due to BSA guidelines only scouts from the same household should tent together. 
    *    This means Scouts will tent individually. Scouts within the same household may camp together, in most cases scouts will be tenting individually. 
    *    They will still have a buddy to move about camp and need to wake him if he needs to head to the bathroom at night. 
    *    Webelos and AOL scouts fall under family campers and may share a tent with their parent(s)
    *    Adult leaders will be immediately accessible at all times.
Scouts should bring their own tent. 
    *    If they do not have their own tent let the Scoutmaster know. The troop has tents the scouts can use.
There will be no patrol cooking. 
    *    The troop will be providing great meals for the scouts and adult leaders attending. 
    *    Food will be served on disposable plates with disposable utensils provided as necessary. 

Facemask will be worn at all times. When participating in a shooting sport mask will be allowed to removed for safety as safety glassed fog up when the individual is wearing a mask. At these stations plenty of distance will be allowed between each participant and instructors. The instructors make the call when mask are to be on and off. No exceptions.

Even with these precautions in place we will have a great time!

As always scouts should bring their own filled water bottle. 
        Water stations will be staffed for refills.

The Signup for Shooting Camp is as simple as clicking HERE.

2020 Shooting Sports Camp