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2019 Timberline

Let’s go skiing / snowboarding!

Let’s go skiing / snowboarding! 

On January 18th, the troop will journey to Timberline Four Seasons Resort in WV for a weekend of skiing / snowboarding and good ol’ fashioned troop camaraderie.

The cost is only $259 per person -- this is all inclusive [transportation, five meals, lift tickets, bunkhouse (w/ heat, showers, running hot & cold water and toilets), ski & helmet rental, beginner ski/snowboard lesson].  

I’m not sure a scout has ever used the shower at Timberline but they do exist.  

You can pay by check, credit/debit card, PayPal, scout account, and cash.

Snowboard rental is $55 for two days (there is no discount to the above prices for any reason).  

Troop policy is that an adult/guardian must accompany snowboarders.

Additional lessons may be purchased for $25.

Scouts should bring some money in case their driver stops on the way there or the way home. 

The troop will be collecting a $100 non-refundable deposit starting December 4th at the troop mtg; however, you’re welcome to pay the whole amount.  

The troop needs to send Timberline ½ of the total payment the end of December and needs commitments from troop skiers/boarders.  

Final payment will need to be made by January 8th.  

Parents/guardians of scouts are welcome to come along.  

All adults will need to take Youth Protection Training, the online class can be found at

If you’re a registered adult (ASM or cmte member), use your BSA # on your membership card to create an account at  This enables troop leadership to verify training is completed.  If you don’t have a account, provide a copy (digital or paper) of your training certificate. 

One of our Snow Sports Merit Badge Counselor, will hold a Snow Sports MB class prior to trip.

 The Snow Sports Merit Badge Pamphlet may be obtained from:

• Troop 2860 librarian (see troop roster in Scoutbook to find librarians)

• ($4.99)

HoVC Scout Shop ($4.99)

The MB workbook can be found by clicking  Please print a copy and bring it to class (skiers don’t need to print past page 13).  Scouts should write down answers to the questions (check pamphlet for answers). 

Scouts are expected to read the pamphlets for the badges they’re pursuing.  This will prepare you for the MB class and Timberline.  

If you are taking the merit badge class, make sure you see the Scoutmaster for a blue card before the class.

Relatively new skiers/boarders shouldn't worry if they don’t complete all req’ts. the first time they meet with a troop merit badge counselor at Timberline.

Our trip to Timberline is well suited to those scouts who've never skied.  Timberline has long slopes that are suitable for beginner skiers.  Plus Troop 2860 veteran snow sports enthusiasts will be available to assist.  

We plan to have a couple MB counselors at Timberline to assist scouts w/ the on slope portion of the MB.  Please sign up to assist a MB counselor (you don’t need to have won an Olympic medal).

Signup for Timberline is a three step process:

Step One:
Print out the Permission Slip
Complete the required information, sign  and date as needed 
Bring it to a Troop meeting on a Tuesday before the December 9th event.

Step two:
Pay for the trip at the Troop's online web store 
which can be found here.

Make sure you complete the name field or we will have no idea who signed up.
BSA requires that a snow sport helmet be worn for skiing and snowboarding; this applies to adults and scouts

Step Three:

Make sure your BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (parts A & B) is up date (January. 20, 2017 or later).  

The troop medical records POC, Andre Stalley, needs a copy.