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2019 october crabtree falls

Backpacking Gear for Crabtree Falls Camping & Hiking can be found here:

The Signup for Crabtree Falls
 Camping & Hiking
 is a two step process:

Step One:

Print out the 
Crabtree Falls Camping & Hiking Falls Permission Slip
Complete the required information, sign  and date as needed 
Bring it to the next Troop meeting before the campout.
Step two:

Pay for the trip at the Troop's online web store 
which can be found here.

Make sure you complete the name field or we will have no idea who signed up.

Please find outlined below an overview of the Troop’s next camping trip (Oct 11-13).  
The campout will be based out of Crabtree Meadows campground in George Washington National Forest.  The permission slip is available 

For our new scouts, this is a bit different than our typical campout. This trip is designed to give everyone a “backpacking experience” that will vary by age and ability level. Our goal with these trips is to expose the older scouts to backpacking, and to provide the remaining scouts with skills that will let them easily transition to backpacking in the future. 

Everyone will be camping together on Friday night at Crabtree Meadows.  On Saturday, the younger scouts will be doing a day hike to Crabtree falls and returning to the campground, while a group of older scouts will be spending Saturday night in the backcountry and returning to basecamp on Sunday morning.  I will be with the backpacking group and other adult leaders will be in charge of basecamp.  Right now I have Mr. Brinkley confirmed for basecamp but we still need other adults to maintain 2-deep leadership.  Think of it more as base-glamping rather than backcountry camping :)

We will be providing more information on what to bring, etc. at the meetings and through e-mail in the near future, but the short version is that if you are staying with the main Troop you don't need any special gear for this trip.  For the backpackers, we will be sending out a packing list and some suggestions on what to take.  Please remember that the Troop has gear to lend (a few packs, and plenty of tents, filters, stoves, etc.).  If you are thinking about buying gear and have questions, please let me know.

One thing we want everyone to do is think "light" and minimize their gear, regardless of which trip you will be participating in.  Take enough to be safe and warm- but remember that every ounce counts.

The backpacking trip is designed for scouts 14 and older who are big enough to carry all their gear and supplies. We will consider exceptions (second years and up) but younger scouts need to be approved by Myself or Mr. Barrow.  
We also have a limit on the number of scouts who can go on the backpacking trip which needs to be managed.

The one thing that is key for you to know is that EVERYONE WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR BRINGING THEIR OWN FOOD. (Sorry for shouting).  
We want all the scouts and adults to have the experience of planning and preparing "backpacking-style” meals.  
We will provide backpacking stoves for anyone who needs one, and the basecampers will also have the option of using a central pot of hot water to prepare their meals if they prefer. 




To help with planning, Below are a few ideas on what food works.  Please feel free to ask questions (remember - the object of this is to learn!).

The Troop wanted to get this out to you early so you and your scouts can experiment at home.  Have fun and don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Yours in Scouting,

Jason “Bear Vault” Ford

2019 Crabtree Falls