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2018 Merit Badge Day

2018 Merit Badge Day
Sponsored by Troop 2860
Chartered by Woodlake United Methodist Church, Chesterfield, Virginia

A Scout can experience personal growth and a positive life experience while in pursuit of a merit badge

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The merit badge prerequisites can be found HERE.

What is Merit Badge Day (MBD)?

  • MBD is designed to include badges for which it might be more difficult for some troops to find counselors with specific experience, education and access to meaningful activities related to the topic. 
  • The counselors are registered through the Heart of Virginia - Arrohattoc District.
  • They are qualified and truly enthusiastic about their area of expertise.
  • A Scout will have the opportunity to earn up to two merit badges at this event.
  • These are not "give-away" merit badges; and this is not a "merit badge factory."
    • Each Scout is expected to fulfill all the requirements by reading the Merit Badge book assigned for the class, attending classes, doing homework, and completing any required prerequisites before they come.
What Merit Badges are being offered?
Automotive Maintenance, Aviation, Chemistry, Chess, Citizenship in the Nation, Communications, Cooking, Crime Prevention, Disabilities Awareness, Emergency Preparation, Engineering, First Aid, Finger Printing, Law, Medicine, Personal Management, Photography, Reptile/Amphibian Studies, Sustainability, Swimming and Weather.

For full day class selections. 
Please select your top 2 choices. 
  • We will do our best to get you into your top choice. 
If you are not selecting one of the full day classes, you can select from the list of half-day classes. 
Please select your top 4 choices. 
  • We will do our best to place you in your top selections. 
  • We ask for 4 choices as some courses may run at the same time or may be cancelled due to lack of interest. 
* notes Eagle Required 

Who can attend the Merit Badge Day?
This event is open to registered Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venture Scouts who are qualified to work on Boy Scout advancement. 

When and Where will the Merit Badge University be held?
When: Saturday March 3, 2018
Where: Woodlake United Methodist Church,

Some of the merit badges (Swimming and Automotive Maintenance) may be working off-site as well.
If your scout signs up for these classes, please plan to stay during the class.

A payment of $5 for the Instruction, pizza lunch, chips and drink will be due once you complete this registration

When is the registration deadline?
The deadline is Friday, March 2, 2018 or when class is full.

Should I wear my Scout uniform?
Wear your Class A uniforms at all times unless otherwise instructed by your Merit Badge counselor.

Health and Safety
  • Scouts should take their own medicine as needed before arriving.
  • No running inside the buildings.
  • No alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, firearms, slingshots, tobacco or anything else that might distract from the learning environment will be allowed.
How should I plan for snacks and lunch?
Lunch will be provided by Boy Scout Troop 2860.
Snacks may be available for purchase during breaks.

Conduct and Discipline

By registering, scout participants agree, "As a participant of the Merit Badge Day, I will:
  1. Observe the Scout Oath (or Promise) and the Scout Law. 
  2. Wear my official Class A uniform. 
  3. Attend the classes I am assigned and stay with the group at all times. 
  4. Be personally responsible for breakage, damage, or loss of property. 
  5. Be courteous to other students, counselors, and staff. 
  6. Clean up my classroom or area where we worked (Leave No Trace) at the end of each session. 
  7. Clean up my trash after eating a snack or lunch. 
What about Blue Cards?
All Scouts must bring signed (by troop leader) blue cards with them.

What preparation do I need before I come?
  • You must read the merit badge pamphlet for the badge you are taking before your class begins. 
  • Every Scout is required to come prepared to participate! 
  • Scouts must exhibit courteous and respectful behaviors toward the counselors who are leading the classes. 
  • Scouts are encouraged to print the worksheets available at
  • If there are pre-requisites listed when you register, the scout must be complete them before the event. 
Partial Completion
  • If a Scout does not come prepared and is unable to complete his merit badge, a “partial” completion will be noted on his blue card.
  • And it will be returned to the scout.
  • Merit Badge Day counselors are seldom available to serve as counselor after the event ends, unless arrangements are made which are acceptable to the Scout, his parents, and the counselor.
Email Troop 2860 at

If you chose to mail a check:

Make it payable to "TROOP 2860"
Mail to Dell Marie Bottone c/o Troop 2860 PO BOX 7 Moseley VA 23120

Please complete and email the following to
Signed BSA Activity Consent Form
Completed, current BSA Medical Forms Parts A&B


Once selections are made, payment, medical forms and activity consent is received, you will receive an email with confirmation to attend on March 3, 2018

Scouts: Be sure to bring a water bottle, paper, pencil, BLUE CARDS, BSA book, Merit badge book & merit badge worksheets.
We will be selling some breakfast and snack options throughout the day.