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2018 Fall Camporee

The theme of the Fall Camporee is Emergency Preparedness, and the Scouts will be challenged with several scenarios that will test their abilities.  

Emergency Preparedness and First Aid skills will be required for the events. 
  • Events will include the following situations:
    • Trail injuries 
    • Home accidents like burns, electrical appliances, falls 
    • Weather related emergency rescues with injuries 
    • Vehicular accidents
  • Build a travois, using lashings and pull 50 yards with a standard weight. Rope and poles will be provided.
  • Litter carry for 100 yards. The lead carrier is blind folded. The rear carrier cannot speak. The victim gives direction
  • Knots (square knot, bowline, timber-hitch, two half hitches, clove hitch, and taut line hitch). There will be a twist to this event that will be revealed at the Cracker Barrel on Friday night
  • Fire building using steel striker or other metal device (no matches). No fire starter other than a golf ball sized amount of compressed lint (lint will be provided).
Each Patrol will be judged by how well they use the patrol method of leadership in assessing the emergency situation and the time it takes to apply the correct remedial actions

The Signup for the Fall Camporee
is a two step process:

Step One:

Print out the Fall Camporee
 Permission Slip
Complete the required information, sign  and date as needed 
Bring it to the next Troop meeting in October before the campout.
Step two:
Pay for the trip at the Troop's online web store 
which can be found here.

Make sure you complete the name field or we will have no idea who signed up.