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2018 April Camp SAVVY

Troop 2860's April event is camp SAVVY.

The Signup for the Camp SAVVY is a two step process:

Step One:
Print out the Permission Slip
Complete the required information, sign  and date as needed 
Bring it to a Troop meeting on a Tuesday before the April 20th campout.
Permission slips can be found below:
Scouts and Adults in Troop 2860 can be found here.
Visiting troops and scouts can be found here.

Step two:
Pay for the trip at the Troop's online web store 
which can be found here.

Make sure you complete the name field or we will have no idea who signed up.

What is Camp Savvy? 

With most crossovers rolling into the Troop, this is the perfect time to work on basic BSA and basic woodsman skills.  These skills are taught by older Scouts (with adult mentoring).  With these newly learned skills, all new crossovers will be “scout savvy.”  Thus, 2860 refers to this particular campout as:  Camp Savvy.     

On the walk to the rank of Eagle, there are 119 individual rank requirements just to get through First Class.  That’s a daunting hurdle for Scouts and Parents alike.  But have no fear!  At Camp Savvy, Troop 2860 offers the chance to meet over three dozen of those requirements.  This weekend gets new and younger Scouts well on their way to rank advancement and as someone once described it, Camp Savvy is like spraying Nitrox into “Scouting Enthusiasm Engines!” 

Who can/should attend? 
All Scouts…especially crossovers and lower rank (Tenderfoot – First Class) Scouts who still need to complete skills and older Scouts who need to meet teaching requirements.
If a parent/guardian wishes attend, you are more than welcome to do so. 
Please do make sure that you show proof of having taken BSA Youth Protection.

What can Scouts expect to learn? 
Almost all of the requirements for the Scout and Tenderfoot ranks, and a many skills requirements for Second and First Class ranks.

April 20-22, 2018. 
Depart Woodlake Swim Club’s overflow parking lot (near Woodlake Community pool) Friday evening and return there Sunday morning.

We will be camping at BSA Scout Reservation in in southern Chesterfield county located at 11301 Trents Bridge Rd, Chesterfield, VA 23838.  
Many of you know this as the Albright Scout Reservation or camp Finley-Albright Reservation.

It is here that we will camp for two nights and learn basic skills starting Friday night and throughout the day on Saturday.  
On Saturday evening, we expect to have a troop campfire.
(Specifically, we will tent in FC2 and our activities will spread between PV1 and the Cahoon Center.  Map can be found here.)   

We will return home on Sunday morning.

What’s required of Scouts or Adults who want to attend? 
A signed permission slip 
Scouts and Adults in Troop 2860 can be found here.
Visiting troops and scouts can be found here.
An up to date medical form with Parts A and B completed.
Payment can be made at the troop store which can be found here.
Or you can pay by cash, check, or credit/debit card at a Tuesday Troop meeting.

Additionally all Adults Leaders and parents/guardians who wish to attend MUST provide proof of completion of the BSA Youth Protection training.  

What about food / dining? 
Adult Leaders, parents, guests, and all crossover Scouts who wish to attend will eat all meals as prepared by the adult cooking team.  
Those meals are Saturday morning, Saturday noon, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning. 
All other Scouts (meaning those that are not crossovers) will eat with their patrols on Saturday morning, Saturday evening, and on Sunday morning.   
Meal planning will be done at the troop meeting on April 17th.
All attendees will eat together for the Saturday noon meal as prepared by the adult cooking team. 
What gear and clothing?
Here is a brief gear listing for your packing pleasure:  
* Tent 
* insulated ground pad 
* sleeping bag 
* rain gear / poncho 
* mess kit 
* water bottle 
* rain coat 
* head lamp or flashlight 
* scout handbook and a pen in a zip lock bag 
* day pack/bag 
* changes of clothes 
* warm outer gear 
* quick drying pants (not jeans) 
* wool or synthetic blend socks (not cotton) 
* quick drying layering shirt(s) (not cotton) 
* fleece layering jacket (not a cotton sweatshirt) 
* windbreaker outer layer (rain coat works great) 
* sturdy footwear 
* warm head wear if the weather is chilly 
* one extra set of underclothing to sleep in for Friday and Saturday nights.

Identify everything with Troop number and your name. 

What to wear when?
Class A for all travel to and from on Friday evening and Sunday morning.
Class B for day activities on Saturday. 

Identify everything with Troop number and your name. 

Camp Savvy - April 2017