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2017 Timberline

Let’s go skiing / snowboarding!

Timberline is a little less than five months away – time to consider what to bring.

Please MARK EVERYTHING your scout is bringing that you’d like to see again.  Put his name or, at least, his initials on it.  For those adults who misplace things, you might want to do the same.
Wear Class A uniform for ride there & ride home.  Fly the BSA colors proudly.
What clothes should I pack?
·         Ski pants/bib & ski jacket if you have.  Warm water-resistant outerwear if you don’t.  While you might want to wear jeans when hanging out in the bunkhouse, wet jeans / cotton sweatshirt / cotton tee-shirt will make you cold when skiing. 

·         Wool & synthetic fabrics are the only way to go. 

·         Layers are a necessity.

·         Synthetic thermal underwear

·         Snow sports helmet (unless you’re renting one).  Do NOT bring any other kind of helmet.

·         Wool socks w/ sock liners (or whatever combo will keep your feet warm).  Don’t assume cotton socks will keep your feet warm.

·         Change of underwear

·         PJs or whatever you wear to bed

·         Warm gloves/mittens (w/ liners or another pair that fits inside if you get cold hands easily)

·         A winter hat probably won’t fit under the helmet; however, there are thin masks/balaclavas that will increase your comfort and preclude the need for a scarf.  For first timers, snow sports helmets are padded and warm.  I’ve been on this mountain when the wind was howling, the snow was flying every which way and the snowmaking equipment was working overtime to add to nature’s effects.  Forewarned is forearmed.

·         A winter hat’s a good idea for when you’re not skiing.

·         Snow sports goggles are essential to keep your face warm (as low as $20 new)

·         I like waterproof insulated boots for walking around.  The areas we need to traverse are usually icy &/or muddy.

The bunkhouses are heated, have running hot & cold water, and toilets.  The bunks come with a mattress, pillow, pillowcase, sheet and blanket.  Just bring a sleeping bag.  You don’t need your sleeping pad or tent for this outing.
Toiletries:  Toothbrush & toothpaste (along w/ instructions to actually use them), washcloth, soap, deodorant, floss (yeah, right), Chapstick/lip balm, sunscreen (if any part of your face will be exposed).  Some folks use disposable hand warmers to be comfortable – bring ‘em if you need ‘em.  I find good gear precludes the need for hand warmers.
While there are showers in the bunkhouse, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a scout use one.  If you have a scout who abides by the scout law about a scout being clean, have him bring soap, a small towel, shampoo, shower shoes, etc.
Medicine:  Bring it if you need it (along w/ simple instructions).  I’m seeking an adult who’s going to be the troop medical officer for this trip (no training required).  This person will have meds. & medical forms and will ensure your son gets his meds. at the appropriate time.
Electronics are allowed during the drive.  Please bring cards, riddles and other games/activities so you can interact w/ your fellow scouts when you’re not on the mt.  Books are great for avid readers.  Homework – only if absolutely necessary.
Money:  Drive is 4½ hours.  Driver will probably stop on way there and way home so it’d be a good idea to have some cash for purchasing snacks.  On Friday everyone should eat dinner before arriving at Woodlake AFC overflow lot or bring a not messy dinner to eat on the way there – be considerate of your driver.
A scout leader used this description before (and it’s not far from the truth).  Imagine 10 teenage boys dumping all their possessions in the middle of the room and mixing them up.  I can’t overemphasize the importance of MARKING EVERYTHING you’d like back.  It’s silly easy to find the owner of a marked item and way hard to find the owner of an unmarked item.  The choice is yours.
For those who fly, you know how some folks put a ribbon or other marker on their inconspicuous luggage so they can find it easily on the baggage carousel?  You should consider bringing a spare sock, hat or scarf to put on your gear for those times you’ll be in the lodge.  This should help you quickly find your gear when you go outside and prevent someone from walking off with it because they thought it was theirs.  We’ll have everyone put a piece of tape on each of their skis w/ their name on it to facilitate identification.
Craigslist, Goodwill or similar places could have some needed items at a great price.  If you’re unable to procure a needed item, let me know.
YiS [Yours in Snow Sports (Adventures)],
ASM Daryl Downing

Let’s go skiing / snowboarding! 

On February 24th, the troop will journey to Timberline Four Seasons Resort in WV for a weekend of skiing / snowboarding and good ol’ fashioned troop camaraderie.

The cost is only $179 per person -- this is all inclusive [transportation, five meals, lift tickets, bunkhouse (w/ heat, showers, running hot & cold water and toilets), ski & helmet rental, beginner ski/snowboard lesson].  

I’m not sure a scout has ever used the shower at Timberline but they do exist.  

You can pay by check, credit/debit card, PayPal, scout account, and cash.

 If you bring your own snow sports helmet, cost is only $169. 

Snowboard rental is $55 for two days (there is no discount to the above prices for any reason).  

Troop policy is that an adult/guardian must accompany snowboarders.

Additional lessons may be purchased for $25.

Scouts should bring some money in case their driver stops on the way there or the way home. 

The troop will be collecting a $100 non-refundable deposit starting Nov. 15th at the troop mtg; however, you’re welcome to pay the whole amount.  

The troop needs to send Timberline ½ of the total payment in Dec. and needs commitments from troop skiers/boarders.  

Final payment will need to be made by Jan. 31.  

Parents/guardians of scouts are welcome to come along.  

All adults will need to take Youth Protection Training, the online class can be found at

If you’re a registered adult (ASM or cmte member), use your BSA # on your membership card to create an account at  This enables troop leadership to verify training is completed.  If you don’t have a account, provide me a copy (digital or paper) of your training certificate. 

Our Snow Sports Merit Badge Counselor, ASM Scott Grabham, will hold a Snow Sports MB class prior to trip.

 The Snow Sports Merit Badge Pamphlet may be obtained from:

• Troop 2860 librarian (see troop roster in Scoutbook to find librarians)

• ($4.99)

HoVC Scout Shop ($4.99)  

The MB workbook can be found by clicking  Please print a copy and bring it to class (skiers don’t need to print past page 13).  Scouts should write down answers to the questions (check pamphlet for answers). 

Scouts are expected to read the pamphlets for the badges they’re pursuing.  This will prepare you for the MB class and Timberline.  

If you are taking the merit badge class, make sure you see the Scoutmaster for a blue card before the class.

Relatively new skiers/boarders shouldn't worry if they don’t complete all req’ts. the first time they meet with a troop merit badge counselor at Timberline.

Our trip to Timberline is well suited to those scouts who've never skied / snowboarded before.  Timberline has long slopes that are suitable for beginner skiers.  Plus Troop 2860 veteran snow sports enthusiasts will be available to assist.  

We plan to have a couple MB counselors at Timberline to assist scouts w/ the on slope portion of the MB.  Please sign up to assist a MB counselor (you don’t need to have won an Olympic medal) or, better yet, contact Pam Rimmer to become a counselor.

Signup for Timberline is a four step process:

Step One:
Make your $100.00 Deposit
Pay in Full $179.00   (includes helmet rental)
Pay in Full $169.00  (does not include helmet rental)

After you click on the "Add to Cart" link, a new page will open on the "PayPal" site and there you can change the number (qty) of Skiers that will be attending. 

Step Two:
The Troop 2860 Timberline Waiver of Responsibility can be found here, print it out, complete it, and bring to the next Troop Meeting.

Step Three:
Pay the Balance $79.00 (includes helmet rental)
Pay the Balance $69.00 (does not include helmet rental)

BSA requires that a snow sport helmet be worn for skiing and snowboarding; this applies to adults and scouts

After you click on the "Add to Cart" link, a new page will open on the "PayPal" site and there you can change the number (qty) of Skiers that will be attending.

Step Four:

Make sure your BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (parts A & B) is up date (Feb. 1, 2016 or later).  The troop medical records POC, Andre Stalley, needs a copy.