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2015 Richmond Tour Ice Skating

Our January Camp-out that was scheduled for January 3rd 2015 has been cancelled due to weather and lack of participation.

Since we have no meetings between now and the camp-out – ALL communication will be by email and the sign up will be by the troop website.  

The schedule for the Camp-out is below.  
It is a one day and one night local outing PACKED with troop 2860 firsts!  
We have a great outing planned as requested by the scouts at the Annual Planning Conference last July to include outdoor ice skating, a hike of historical sites in Richmond and camping near downtown Richmond.
Maymont has allowed the troop to camp on the park grounds, which is really fantastic.  
They even cut their normal rate in half for the troop.  I would hate to see this opportunity be wasted as it is a unique location for our troop and somewhere we have never camped before.
Everything is planned and our golf outing coordinator Mitch Damon has volunteered to accept leadership for this event.
There will be a number of experienced scouters attending.  We are planning for about 50 attendees between adults and scout.  
A relative small and simple camp-out for troop 2860.
Here is the plan: (subject to changes by the Event Coordinator)

Saturday January 3rd 2014
  • 8:00 am January 3rd, muster at parking lot
  • 8:15 am depart parking lot
  • 8:45 am arrive 101 N 6th St parking deck
  • 9:00 am walking tour begins 
  • (at some point must meet cars, time decision point is Times Dispatch Building, either go on down to Tredegar and meet cars there or go to parking deck near rink)
  • Noon skating begins
  • 3:00 pm skating ends
  • 3:15 pm meet up with cars
  • 3:45 pm arrive camping location
  • 5:00 pm patrol cooking
  • 8:00 pm camp fire program?
  • 10:00 pm lights out
Sunday January 4th 2014
  • 7:00 am patrol breakfast
  • 8:30 am Vespers
  • 9:30 am depart
  • 10:00 am arrive parking lot home
Major High Points and basic route of Walking tour
  • US District Court
  • Supreme court of VA
  • VA State Capital
  • Governor’s Mansion
  • Library of VA
  • Richmond City Hall
  • VCU School of Medicine
  • Grant House
  • The Valentine
  • VA Biotechnology Research
  • Jonah Larrick Student Center
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Richmond Coliseum
  • Richmond Convention center
  • Richmond Times Dispatch
  • Bolling Hallix House
  • VA War Memorial
  • Tredegar
  • Brown’s Island