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2013 Annual Golf Tournament (May)

From Mr. Simpson (Sunday, April 7, 2013)

Troop 2860 Golf Tournament Update—PLEASE READ

We are a month away from our annual golf tournament fundraiser.  It seems like a long way off, but it’s time to get the golfers, sponsors, and door prizes lined up.  Remember we need EACH FAMILY to provide two of the following three needs:


We have begun to receive some sponsorships, but we need much more.  Our first $500 sponsor is in, and it was as simple as one of our troop parents asking her employer (via email) if they would consider a sponsorship.  Here is the text of the email:

My son’s boy scout troop is looking for sponsors and players for its annual golf tournament on May 5th.   I would appreciate it if  <Employer Name>  could consider becoming a sponsor or providing a door prize.  The sponsorship is 100% tax-deductible, and the troop will provide a tax receipt.  I have attached a flyer and the registration form with the details.

Also, feel free to forward the registration form to anyone who might be interested in playing.

Thanks for your help,”

Feel free to use this or compose your own.  The point is, people and companies are willing to help—they just need to be asked.  Use email, phone, in person, but ask!   Other businesses have also indicated they will sponsor, and probably enter some golfers as well. 

Also, be sure to let them know that any sponsor is encouraged to provide a brochure/literature to be distributed to each of the golfers.  What a great way to get the word out about their business.  If they want to do this, we will need about 100 pieces to be sure each golfer gets one.

REMEMBER,  a Scout will receive a credit to their Scout account equal to 10% of the sponsor money they bring in!  (Yes, that means that $1000 in sponsorships generated would put $100 in the acquiring Scout’s account!)


We have had several foursomes register, but we are trying to have 92 golfers (or more!).  I have also heard of several foursomes who intend to play, but we have not received the registrations yet.  PLEASE HAVE THE GOLFERS SEND THE REGISTRATION FORMS TO ME ASAP.  Follow up with people who have told you they would play.  They can be faxed, mailed, or scanned and emailed—we’ll accept anything!  But get ‘em in!

Invite every golfer you know, but do it now—people have to have some notice to make sure they can adjust their work schedules.

NEW—NEW—NEW—please let golfers know that if their employer offers a matching program for charitable giving, they may be able to double their contribution to the Troop, or use the match for another charity of their choice.


We need door prizes.  Many businesses are more than willing to offer goods or services instead of money sponsorships.  Please ask them.  The best place to start is your own company.  Reference the list that was sent recently of prior year door prizes for ideas. 

Call me with any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. 


Yours in Scouting

Tom Simpson

Tournament Coordinator

From Mr. McClaugherty (Saturday, April 6, 2013)
Golf Tournament Reminders!
Please get out there and find those golfers and sponsors!
The success of this golf tournament is critical to the financial health of the troop.  I will repeat some of what was said at last week’s Court of Honor.
What is so important about this golf tournament?
This tournament is our ONLY source of funds for the operation of the troop.   The other fundraisers, such as luminary sales, are designed to fund the individual scout accounts.
What makes this year so important?

For several years, one family was able to bring in phenomenal corporate and business sponsorships.  As this family’s oldest scout has aged out, we have lost this great source of revenue.   Last year the tournament provided only about half of the money needed to support the troop.  Unless we ramp up our efforts, the golf tournament will no longer be able to fund the troop.
OK, so we fall short with the tournament.  So what, is the sky going to fall?
No, the sky will not fall. The troop does have a reserve fund. But do expect low clouds and rain. Some combination of changes will need to be made.
·       Additional fund raisers.  Anyone for door to door sales of popcorn, gift wrap, and other stuff no one really wants?
·       Increased out of pocket expenses for scout families as the cost of camping trips may go up.
·       Reduce the scope and quality of our program.  For example, camping trips could be selected on the basis of the expense involved rather than the experience available to the scouts.
What do we do with the golf tournament money? A partial list is below.
·       Keep the cost of participation affordable:
o   The troop subsidizes many camping trips which reduces the cost to the scouts.
o   Allows the income from the other fund raisers go into the participating scout’s  “scout account” allowing them to earn credits that can be used to pay for activities such as summer camp and  the ski trip.
·       Troop Equipment
o   Maintenance, insurance, registration, signage on the troop trailers.
o   Projector for troop meetings and training.
o   Each patrol has a folding table and a cooking kit, which includes a stove, pots, pans, and utensils.
o    For general use, we have water jugs,, rain canopies, tents, folding tables,, propane grills and  ovens, propane tanks, lanterns,  dishwashing tubs, coffee makers (for adults)
o   Compasses, backpacking water filters.
·       Camping expendables
o    Propane, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc
·       Normal operating expenses
o   Were you at the last court of honor?  There were a lot of merit badges awarded at $2.49 each! And the cost of the blue cards.
o   Packets for new crossover scouts – hats, “Frisbee” dinner plate, 2860 patch, etc.
·       Technology
o   Troop web site
o   Photo site.
·       Financial support for Eagle projects
·       Training for adult and scout leaders
Look for more information.Tom Simpson will be sending out addition information and updates by the end of this weekend.
From Mr. Simpson (Wednesday, March 27, 2013)
Attached are the materials in the sponsor/golfer packets which I passed out at the Court of Honor last night. If you were unable to attend (or need extras) or did not receive one, please print these off for your own use in your efforts to secure players and sponsors for our annual golf tournament. You may also email the files to prospective golfers/sponsors as necessary.

Take a moment to review the package, keeping in mind the following:

·        We need each Scout family to step up and provide 2 out of 3 of the following:

1.     A foursome to play in the tournament.  Ask everyone.

2.    $100 or more in sponsorships/donations (sponsors/donors receive recognition)

3.    Door Prizes for the golfers

 ·         For sponsorships/donations, Scouts will receive a credit to their Scout account!  (free money that can be applied to campouts, etc)

 ·         Time is of the essence.  Use the next three weeks to approach your prospects.  It would be helpful if you would let me know via email as you secure golfers/sponsors, especially since we don’t have a Troop meeting next week.

I will also be available at upcoming troop meetings (no meeting next week) to collect player/sponsor registrations and fees, answer questions, or provide additional materials as needed.

 If you have any questions/concerns, PLEASE give me a call.

We all need to work together to make sure Troop 2860 remains "The Best There Is, the Best There Was, the Best There Ever Will Be!"


Tom Simpson


From Mr. Simpson (Wednesday, March 20, 2013)
Hello Troop 2860 Families,
As you know, the annual Troop 2860 Golf Tournament fundraiser is scheduled for Monday, May 6th at Birkdale Golf Club!  The success of the Tournament hinges on the participation of EVERY Troop 2860 family.  Sooo………….

It’s time to begin inviting golfers to play and asking businesses or individuals to sponsor a very worthy cause.

This year we are asking each Troop 2860 family to find/procure/provide two of the following to help ensure the success of the Tournament:

·         One (or more) foursomes to play in the tournament.  Our goal is 92 golfers.

·         A $100 (or greater) sponsorship.  See the attached Sponsor flyer for basic details of the sponsorship levels and what the sponsor receives in return.

·         Door prizes

A big challenge for charity golf tournaments is finding businesses and individuals willing to be sponsors.

Sponsorships are the primary source of funds the Troop needs to maintain its programming and serve the Scouts.

We will be distributing materials at the Court of Honor next Tuesday and at subsequent Troop meetings to help you in your efforts to attract sponsors.  Your employer, friends who own businesses, or business you patronize are great places to start!

The other major challenge for charity golf tournaments is finding golfers

We have a 'core' group in our tournament, but to keep the tournament vibrant we need to find new golfers every year.  This is where all of you can help.  If you play golf, please plan on joining us with some friends on May 6th.  Whether or not you play, please invite friends, neighbors, and colleagues you know who play golf!  In past years, business groups have used our tournament for a team building exercise, and they had a great time!!!.  Do whatever you can do to get the word out and enlist people to play.

The final challenge is obtaining “Door Prizes” for each of the participating players.

The Troop 2860 Tournament has become known for its array of door prizes.  We want every player who takes the time and spends the money to help our Troop, to leave with a prize.  Usually these are donated by businesses, but often by individuals as well.  Prizes in the past have included tools, logo golf shirts, packages of golf balls (1 dz.), gift certificates, gift cards, golf hats, household items, yard care items, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  We will be distributing information about this next week.

We also still need some help in the following areas to help ensure a successful tournament.  In the past much of this was done by one or two people.  This year, however, business travel and family concerns require that we use more of a group approach:

·         Sponsorship Coordinator

·         Publicity/Signage/Programs

·         Prize and Trophy Coordinator(s)

·         Food and Beverage liaison (easy)

None of these functions will demand a lot of time, but all are necessary.

If you can help in any of these areas, or only think you can, please contact me as soon as possible.  The boys deserve it.

Our golf tournament will only be successful if we get contributions from everyone!  Let's all work together to make this a lasting legacy for our Troop!  


Tom Simpson

Tournament Coordinator


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