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2012 Verdun Adventure Bound (VAB) (April)

From Mr. Smith (Sunday, April 29, 2012)

I’m a bit tardy, but I wanted to provide the parents with a quick note summarizing our trip to the Verdun Adventure Camp last weekend.  As a father of a scout, I know first-hand that they may not be very forthcoming in providing you with details (other than a monosyllabic grunt or two).

First of all, I want to say how extremely proud I am of our scouts.  The scouts were really challenged by the counselors, the courses, and even the weather!  We had a great trip.  Parents of first year scouts - we told you Boy Scouts wasn't Cub Scouts!!!  And we have the pictures to prove it!

The scouts spent Saturday morning working on team-building skills. They had to prove their worth to the counselors to be able to tackle the high-ropes course Saturday afternoon.  What an adventure!  The scouts used their newly acquired skills to climb 30 foot poles and cross a high wire while the rest of the team belayed them.  Many times did I hear a scout say he was not too sure to be that high only to be encouraged by the counselors and his team.  These words triggered an inner strength to enable them to cross a high wire.  Not only did the scouts cross the high wire but they also got to climb a 40 foot rock wall.

Speaking of challenges –Saturday started off as a bright sunny day and the warm weather continued into the afternoon.  Right around the time we were cooking dinner, the skies opened up. The good news is that it only lasted an hour or so, the bad news is that it poured pretty hard and got some food and some scouts pretty wet.

Around 7:00 that evening we headed up to the lodge where Anaya was waiting to share some stories and wisdom of his Native American ancestors. Even though the program was intended to be outdoors, the scouts were still treated to a show.  He passed around a 400 year old ceremonial pipe (i.e. "peace pipe"), a buffalo knife (not for buffalos but made from a buffalo), and a stone tool used by his grandmother.  It is not often any of us get to handle items with such fabulous, long, and storied history.

I know a few have stressed over the reorganizing of the patrols, but I want to point out the pictures from Verdun on the troop web page.  Please note the mixture of ages of the scouts on the same teams.  Although the teams weren’t split perfectly along patrol lines, the scouts banded together and supported each and every one on their team. This is exactly how BSA intends the patrols to work.  When the older scouts complete a challenge, this gives the younger scouts an inner-strength to complete a task.  This works the other way too.  When a brave younger scout does a challenge, this shows a timid older scout that he can complete it too!  Mentoring is a large and invaluable part of thePatrol Method.

I also want to thank all the adult attendees.  Warran – great job organizing and running a great outing!  Scott – many thanks for pulling the second trailer. A big relief for me.  Andy – what a great quartermaster we have.  You can cook for us any time!  Mike, Daryl, Rodney, Hoge, Rick – guys, thank you so much for pitching in to help run this event and to keep the craziness to a minimum.  John – thanks for allowing the troop to share in this wonderful experience.  I hope your family allows us to come back!

Troop 2860
SM Smith

From Mr. Dawson (Monday, April 16, 2012)
Troop 2860!
Who's excited? I'm excited. Who else? You? I know you're excited! Why are we excited? VERDUN is this weekend!
We currently have 38 people signed up to go to Verdun and are looking for more. We will have the signup sheet available this Wednesday so that the rest of the Troop can sign up. Okay, you say, but how much will it cost? Many people would pay $750, even $1,000 for a trip like this. For you, Troop 2860, it is just $10 per person! Can you believe it? $10 per person.

Here are a few items of IMPORTANT information:
= In an effort to be green and save time and trees, I have attached the usual Troop permission slip, and the Verdun required permission slip. PLEASE FILL THESE OUT AND BRING WITH YOU THIS WEDNESDAY!
= Please bring your payment this Wednesday. Did I mention it is only $10 per person?
= I have also attached the directions to Verdun. It is approximately a 2 hour drive.
= We will need people to signup this Wednesday BEFORE or at the very beginning of the meeting. This is important, as we will be going over patrol rosters and meal plans, and we need to know who is going!
= We will also need to discuss driving plans with the attending adults.
= OMG, it is only $10 per person!
= We will leave at 5:00pm on Friday the 20th from the Woodlake United Methodist Church OVERFLOW parking lot. We will return to the overflow lot at approximately 12:00pm on Sunday the 22nd.
= Applications and Medical Forms will be checked!
= Any questions can be directed to me or Conor Sheridan. Conor has graciously volunteered to help lead this activity, as he knows all there is to know about Verdun. My number is on the Troop permission slip.
= $10 per person!
Remember, this activity has one thing that no other Troop 2860 activity has ever had!
Thank you.
ASM Warran Dawson
From Mr. Dawson (Sunday, March 18, 2012)
As I have mentioned a few times, in April we will be spending a weekend camping at Verdun Adventure Bound (VAB). The website states VAB "is a dynamic experiential education facility which specializes in challenge, adventure, fun, and innovative programming. Located just outside Warrenton, Virginia, this 80+ acre facility is the ideal setting for groups to improve focus and purpose. This will be a fun, challenging and satisfying troop activity for all scouts. Please click the link below and check out their website. There will be more information to follow, including price and sign-up. Let me know if you have any questions.
Aj Mezynski,
Apr 18, 2012, 9:51 AM
Aj Mezynski,
Apr 18, 2012, 9:51 AM
Aj Mezynski,
Apr 18, 2012, 9:51 AM