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2011 Timberline Ski Trip

02/13/11 from Mr. Wheeler

Greetings Scouts! What a great skiing weekend! Our Timberline weather luck held again this year with wonderful skiing conditions on Saturday and Sunday. ASM Mr. Grabham’s careful planning made the event run as smooth as a swoosh on a freshly groomed slope.

I’d like to express my sincere thank you to all scouts who tackled school assigned homework duties this weekend and participated in your Troop event. Parents please be assured that your scout’s education didn’t stop when this event began. The life skills a scout develops through participation in his Troop’s activities and personally accomplishes for rank advancement are a wonderful compliment to his academic efforts. On the surface our Timberline weekend may appear like simply a fun event with little educational value. A closer look reveals much more. This event challenges a scout to successfully manage all his gear including his personal effects, get his gear checked out and checked in including skies, boots, helmet, and poles, keep track of gloves, goggles, ski clothing, and much more, manage his meals and the lodge lunchroom seating (not an easy task), comply with an event timeline, and generally keep his act together including social skills of group dynamics and youth leadership. There is no grade in this assignment. His motivation to succeed is self guided. Youth and adult leaders can only nurture his personal motivation to better himself. I offer these thoughts so you may be equipped to be your son’s advocate should your scout find himself working extra hard to keep up with homework. He just accomplished this weekend what many of his school classmate peer group could not. I’m extremely proud of our scouts. I hope you are also.

Let’s go over some highlights.

The advanced team of older scouts riding with ASM Mr. Grabham and ASM Mr. Monroe struck out early Friday afternoon arriving at Timberline to secure our bunk space and get things in order. The second wave of scouts and drivers mustered at the assigned time, were organized by ASPL Alec, departing without delay. Amazingly and possible a troop record, there were no reported instances of curvy mountain road induced barfing. Always a good thing.

Scouts stowed personal gear in bunks then proceeded to check out ski gear. This is always a challenge but our guys accomplished the late evening task. Again, the preplanning by Mr. Grabham showed through with most of the paperwork completed prior.

Road weary scouts and drivers finally settled in for a snooze Friday night to ready themselves for the big day on Saturday. SPL Tyler was up the next morning and on duty to muster us for breakfast. The Troop was ready and on time for morning chow. Nice job SPL Tyler and crew! We had plenty of time to pull on battle gear and make our way to the slopes for the first morning lift.

Condition were good for snow making Friday night with the machines dusted skiers throughout the early morning on Saturday. The slopes were well groomed and readied for the day’s fun. Lift lines remained very short until mid day and early afternoon but by then a break to rest while waiting for a few minutes in line was welcome. Scouts cruised in at the lodge for lunch finding their ticket from ASM Mr. Grabham or ASM Mr. Teefey. With everyone accounted for the day continued warm and sunny. The clear skies offered wonderful views from the mountain.

Nicholas bonked his head, Mitchell cut his arm and Adam stretched his wrist a bit. Nothing Dr. Harrington couldn’t handle along with the expert first responder crew on site. All in all, not bad for T2860 with 55 people on the slope. Old guys grunted and groaned and youthful beautiful attending moms graced the slopes with their delicate skill. Many scouts and a few die hard adults stayed the course, skiing into the late evening hours. Eventually knees and ski lifts both shut down. A quick hot coca, gear stowed for the night, bunk squared away and it was lights out.

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday except for a snoozy SPL. I think we wore him out. Breakfast chowed down we were back at it on the slopes. Virtually no lift lines made for easy multiple runs until the appointed stopping time and lunch. A few scouts stretched the morning ski time to the max. It was hard to give it up!

With much logistical organization of getting a meal, turning in gear, getting personal stuff found and ready for packing out, clearing your bunk space of assorted things and much more this and that, carloads eventually were cleared for departure. Amazingly again no barfing but much sleeping took place on the return voyage home. It was a good tired to have.

Thank you:

SPL Tyler – Great job Tyler!! You worked hard and it showed!
ASPL Alec – Perfect leadership! Thank you!
Senior Scout helpers – Thank you for assuring everything stayed sane and mostly calm (for us). Your leadership was noted. Nice job!!
Scouts – fantastic job with behavior and keeping everything organized and together. You did good.

ASM Mr. Grabham. AWESOME job Scott!! This trip started months ago with a ton of funds and paperwork wrangling involved. You made it look easy but we all know it isn’t. You effort is very much appreciated.
Adults driving and helping, thank you very much for all you do for our son’s troop. Dr. Harrington, your services were very much appreciated. This is a tough drive for both drivers and vehicles. Mr. Holder’s rig wanted to lay down and rest a few times but never did give up the ghost.

And as always, thank you folks at home for supporting your scout and his troop. Your hard work parenting is very evident in the wonderful young men we enjoyed the company of this weekend.

Mark Wheeler

02/13/11 from Mr. Grabham

This email contains some very important information about the upcoming ski trip please read it all the way through.  I will try to summarize without omitting anything.

First and foremost is the attached permission slip.  This is Troop
2860's permission slip which must be filled out and signed by a parent in order for the child to travel with us to our location.  Please print this out and bring it with you to this week's meeting.  I will have extra copies available at the departure location, but would like to avoid excessive delays associated with filling out paperwork if at all possible.  At this time I will be leaving with a small group early to go up and get things sorted out with Timberline, so another adult will be completing the leaving details.  I do not wish to overburden this individual.  Your cooperation will be appreciated.

As we have stated the meals once we are there are included.  The meal up to Timberline and a snack on the way home will be on the scout.  Please either send your scout with money for food or a bag dinner for the trip up and money for the ride back.  They should not need much money for the time they are on the mountain, but if they want to buy snacks or a soda, then they will need to bring something with them for this.  As always energy drinks are not allowed!

The sleeping arrangements are tight...the available space to move in the room is tight...add copious amounts of scout clothing, shoes, and ski equipment and you may never see your stuff again.  Please make sure that when you pack try to keep it in a containable but pliable container.  Dufflebags rule on this trip.  We have NO space for tubs.  Also you may want to put names on everything, so that when we try to sort out the mess, it will be a lot easier.  There will be four Moms going on this trip with us, BUT they are there to enjoy themselves and the time spent skiing with their scout.  Neither their scout or any other scout should rely on Mommy to get their stuff together for them.  Please take care of yourselves and your stuff.

Ski equipment and lesson is included.  Snowboard equipment and lessons are not included.  If you intend to snowboard (with a parent present), then you will need to pay the extra fees associated with it at the time.

What to bring - Layers are important!  I have been to Timberline and the surrounding resorts numerous times.  The weather is completely unpredictable.  I have been there when it is 40 degrees and sunny and I have been there the very next day when it is -25 degrees and snowing...yes that is a negative!  Obviously we will monitor the situation while there and the week before, but BE PREPARED is of the utmost importance.  We will not allow your scout to be put in harms way, but we need him to be prepared.  You may have to pack more than we will need for this one.  It could be warm or it could be really cold:

Ski Jacket
Ski pants or bibbs
Synthetic pants
Synthetic shirt
Synthetic fleece or wool underlayer/long johns
Wool socks (several pairs)
Scarf/face shield/neck warmer
Hat/Cap (for when not wearing your helmet)

Sleep clothes
travel outfits
Crocs or something to wear in the bunkhouse to keep your feet dry (THINK SNOW EVERYWHERE)
Sleeping bag
Dirty clothes bag

It is worth mentioning electronic devices here because as always if you intend to travel with them, then they must stay in the car.  Remember the negative temps from above - they can be very detrimental to electronics, so keep this in mind.

Behavior - we will cover this in depth at the snowsports merit badge session at the meeting prior to leaving, but I wanted to reiterate a few things that will have to be adhered to.
1.  Stay in control
2.  Helmets must be worn by both Adults and Scouts (BSA Policy)

If scouts cannot or will not adhere to these few important rules, then they will not be allowed to ski/snowboard.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please give me a call.

Mr. Grabham

02/05/11 from Mr. Grabham

Thanks to those of you that brought the second half of your payment for the Timberline Ski Trip. We are off to a good start, but I need everyone to please try and get me the other half as soon as possible. We still have several weeks before the trip, but they will go by very fast and it will be here before you know it. Also I need to know if anyone wishes to cancel. I still have two scouts on the waiting list and if Timberline doesn't find two additional spots, then I have the daunting task of telling two kids they can't go. There are still a couple of people who have not paid any of the money yet and have not indicated if they still intend to go. Please do so as soon as possible.


ASM Mr. Grabham

2/1/11 from Mr. Grabham

Here is the first reminder that I need to start collecting the second half of the fee for the Timberline Trip later this month.  Please bring $90/person to the meeting.  If you have your own helmet AND it has been approved by myself or Mr. Monroe, then your fee will be reduced by the helmet rental amount.  All scouts and adults must wear a helmet when participating in this BSA trip.  I also need to know who would like to take the lesson included with the trip.  Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.
Yours in Scouting,
ASM Mr. Grabham

11/10/10 from Mr. Wheeler

Timberline skiing sign ups, Feb 18-20, $100 due by Dec 1st, total $200, food, equipment, lift ticket, lodging, lessons if needed. 
a. No snow park
b. No snow board without attending parent
c. Must have and wear approved ski helmet or rent one on site

11/10/10 from Mr. Grabham

As you know we are currently taking names for the upcoming Timberline Ski Trip. At this point half of the spots have been claimed. There will be a sign up sheet in the front hallway tomorrow night. Please take a moment to discuss with your parents if you want to attend with us. The deposits of $100 will be due Dec. 1st, with the remainder due the first week of February. If you have any questions please see me tomorrow night. Keep in mind that you can sign up for Luminary shifts to earn money in your scout accounts to offset the cost.

Yours in Scouting,
ASM Mr. Grabham
Aj Mezynski,
Feb 17, 2011, 6:53 AM