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2011 Springs-Pace Farm Camp

4/4/2011 - from Mr. Wheeler

April 8, Camp Savvy at the Springs:

·         Attached is last message on this including time line

·         Adult station helpers sign up at meeting or e-mail me. (especially if you are helping your patrol with a travel dish to share!!!) Shown are names of helpers that I have at this time.

·         Adult station managers to prepare EVERYTHING needed for your station.  (I won’t have it ready!!)  Troop will reimburse for material costs incurred.

·         Scouts will either be helping at a station or participating at a station throughout the day (no general roaming around please)

·         Adult supervision needed.  If you can stay please do to offer general assistance and safety watch (see prior bullet)

·         Sat evening meal is family gathering at Pace Farm, share a main dish and sides, your call on what to bring

·         TRANSPORTATION – Need help transporting Scouts from Springs to Pace Farm and back!!

o   Drives not staying at Springs, please arrive at Springs by 4:30 to help transport to Pace Farm and return

·         Camp sign-ups will continue this evening, permission form attached.

4/4/2011 - from Mr. Wheeler

Greetings Troop! Washing machines are still humming from the last camp and it’s time to start planning for the next one!

In April, after crossovers are completed, is the perfect time to work on woodsman skills. Traditionally we’ve combined forces with our companion Troop, T2806, also sponsored by WUMC, to bring our Troop family together. We’ll be doing that again this year with a large family evening meal shared together at former T2806 Scoutmaster Mr. Pace’s family farm near 288 and Courthouse Road on April 9. All family members of the Scouts are encouraged to attend.

Later on this evening after the family meal is completed on the same site at the Pace Farm will be the Order of the Arrow Tap Out ceremony. At the Tap Out ceremony, Scouts voted into the Order of the Arrow will be acknowledged by a special ritual. This is very significant event that you do not want to miss. More details will be shared about the specific time and directions to the Pace Farm location as I get this together. For now, please reserve the afternoon and evening of April 9th for a wonderful family scouting event. Please also think about a food dish that your family might share as this is a pot luck dinner. Last year about 300 people attended. We are a LARGE Troop family when combined with our companion WUMC Troop!

Now let’s discuss our daytime event for April 9, Camp Savvy at our Springs Camp. For our newer members, T2860 has a wonderful relationship with a very generous family, the Coakley Family. On their 17 acres of property on Mosley Road we have a little space carved in the woods for our Troop’s use. RECON recently held their Top Gun event at our Springs Camp. Most of our Troop members have been at our Springs camp at one time or another. We held our Godzilla movie night at the Springs if you recall. We named it the Springs for the many artesian springs that force ground water to the surface on the property. Our camp fire pit literally sits on the exact dividing line of the Swift Creek and Appomattox watersheds. This is a very special property and we are privileged to have use of it.

At Camp Savvy at the Springs, my vision is to create a village of Scouting Skills stations. Each station will cover specific aspects of Tenderfoot through First Class skills.

Typical skills include (we won’t do all of these):
  • Fire Starting
  • First Aid
  • Camp cooking and cooking gear use
  • Axe yard safety training, tool use and maintenance 
  • Whipping / fusing / Knots 
  • EDGE Leadership Skill
  • Basic orienteering (how to tell directions at night for instance)
  • Safe Hiking rules (to come in handy in May!!)
  • Flag skills
  • Poisonous Plant identification
  • Buddies and Bullies
  • Leave no Trace Training
  • 10 wild animal evidence and identification
  • 10 Native Plants evidence and identification
  • Smoke filled room and sprained ankle transport
  • Safe internet use and cyber bullying 
  • Making a useful camp gadget (surprisingly hard to get done!)
Non Station – helping patrols preparing transportable food for sharing at the Pace Farm evening meal with T2806. We’ll travel to Pace Farm (288 and Courthouse location) in the late afternoon from our Springs camp and participate in the Troop community meal and the following Order of the Arrow Tap Out ceremony. I’m hoping that some of the patrols can prepare a food item to share with our fellow Troop at the evening meal. (have no idea what that would be, by the way, ideas???)

To get started I need to place leader names with Camp Savvy stations. I’m hoping to run a few stations in the a.m. and different stations in the afternoon. All Scouts above First Class Rank will be involved with teaching at stations, helping prepare food to go, or both. We’ll camp on Friday night and be in place to begin our stations on Saturday morning. We’ll have to be efficient with our tenting and parking to leave space in the shooting field for our multiple stations set up.

Leaders managing stations are expected to gather needed materials for their stations.

Also needed is a food purchaser and manager for a Troop Crackerbarrel on Friday evening, an adult breakfast on Saturday, Troop lunch on Saturday, and adult breakfast on Sunday. Senior Scout leaders of SPL and ASPLs generally eat with the adults

Now here’s the hard part and where these e-mail pleas for help generally fail. I’m requesting responses from adults who can help with a station, preferably two stations, one in the a.m. and one in the afternoon, on April 9th.

We have much to do and I have little time to pull this together. One meeting to be exact!!! Please do not delay in replying if you can help on April 9th. Adult station managers will be teamed with Scout instructors on a schedule that I’ll post so all know who is to be where, when. SPL Quentin and I will cover this in detail at the Patrol Leaders Conference on the 31st.

Basic Schedule:

April 8
  • 7:00pm Arrive at Springs, get camp set up.
April 9
  • 7:00 wake up
  • 7:30 patrol and adult leaders breakfast underway
  • 8:30 patrol and adult leaders breakfast completed
  • 9:00 clean up completed, start station rotations
  • 9:00 – 12:00 Station rotation
  • 12:00 – 1:00 lunch
  • 1:00 – 3:00 Station Rotation
  • 3:00 – 4:30 Patrols meal to share cooking underway
  • 5:00 leave for Pace Farm
  • 6:30 Pace Farm Family Meal
  • 8:30 Begin Tap Out Ceremony
  • 10:00 return to Springs
* April 10
  • 8:00 wake up
  • 8:30 patrols breakfast underway
  • 9:30 Patrol breakfast completed
  • 10:00 Vespers
  • 10:30 break camp, clean up.
Quite frankly, I don’t know if even T2860 can do all of this right out the gate with new patrols and rusty patrol leadership in our standing patrols. I’ll post the patrol update soon so we can begin to get that squared away. Everyone’s cooperation is needed if we’re to have a successful Camp Savvy event this year.

Patrols will cook breakfast on Saturday morning, and hopefully a food item to share for the evening meal event. They will prepare their Sunday breakfast also. This should simplify food purchasing by patrols.

Hope to hear from you soon.

One slightly overwhelmed Scoutmaster,

Mark Wheeler
Aj Mezynski,
Apr 4, 2011, 11:44 AM
Aj Mezynski,
Apr 4, 2011, 11:39 AM