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9/12/2011 - Mr. Greg Smith

Hi Troop 860, I hope everyone is back into the swing of things for the new school year.

We are having SCRUB3 this year on Saturday, September 17, 2011.  For those of you who are new to the troop, each year the troop picks up trash around portions of the Swift Creek Reservoir in Woodlake.  SCRUB stands for the Swift Creek Reservoir Urban Betterment.  This is the troop’s third year cleaning up trash which the Woodlake Community Association (WCA) and Environmental Committee really appreciate.

We will be meeting at the Shelter Cove parking lot at 9:00.  Shelter Cove is just past Duck Cove in Woodlake.  From Woodlake Village Parkway, turn right into Shelter Cove and take the first right onto Shelter Cove Point.  Then turn right into the parking lot.

Once we assemble, I’ll pass out trash bags and gloves.  We will try to keep trash and recyclables in separate bags if possible.

We will split up into several crews depending on how many people show up.  Right now I’m thinking of these areas:

Crew1 will be the younger scouts and will work the shoreline from Shelter Cove, and come back to the parking lot via the adjacent bike path.

Crew2 will be the older scouts and go over to Rock Harbour and work the shoreline toward the pier.  This crew will also pick up trash the area of the boat ramp and parking lot.

Crew3 (if we have enough) can work the path that goes around the smaller portion of the lake near Boyce’s Cove, Tom Sawyer Island, and the Pavilion.

Once the crews are done, we will re-assemble at Shelter Cove and consolidate the trash and recyclables.  During the previous year’s cleanup, some very strange items were found.  Wonder what we’ll find this year?  We should be done around noon give or take.

Please bring:

Water to drink
ClassB uniform
Agreat attitude to get dirty


Can we get one or two adults drive their pickup trucks to bring the Rock Harbour bags back to Shelter Cove?

Bring boats and kayaks if you have them (with life jackets of course).  Please only adults and older scouts in boats.  Any scout in a boat will need to have passed the Scout swim test.

Please bring cameras and follow the crews around. Email me your pics.  The WCA wants them for their newsletter!

Miscellaneous notes:

I’ll send another announcement next week once we see what the weather forecast lookslike.

The Woodlake Environmental Committee is supplying bags and gloves.

This counts for service hours.

ASM Greg Smith

Aj Mezynski,
Sep 12, 2011, 7:34 AM