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2011 November Shooting Sports Camp

From Mr. McNeil on 10/27/11

Troop here are details for the camp in the text below. The same information plus signup sheet and directions is also a word doc.

I want to highlight a few things.

Shotgun signup is for Troop 2860 scouts only. We filled out the 24 open slots last night. I will start a waiting list.

Signup for Troop 2860 Rifle and Archery will happen at camp on Friday evening after guests get signed up.

Do not bring your own firearms, ammunition and throwing implements to the camp. We will have quality gear for you to use.

Signup will continue to Nov. 9th. After that it is closed. 

In my quick review of the signup sheets I see we are short on adult supervision we will need to operate rifle, air rifle, archery and Knife/Hawk ranges. Air rifle will be the first event to get axed if we cannot cover the ranges with adult supervision through the day. Adults are there to assure the range safety system is being followed. Please consider attending if possible. There is also a large cooking effort to support our Weblo guests. Mr. Martin will be in charge of cooking and he will need help. 

Scout leadership will be needed to support our Weblo guests as well as range safety operation. Camp SPL will be looking to fill positions for supporting activities at each range and for other camp activities.

I appreciate all the help and offers of help at the camp. This will be an excellent camp. Be there.

I can be contacted by email or by cell at 931 8562 for questions.

Regards.... Mr McNeil

Aj Mezynski,
Oct 29, 2011, 9:31 AM