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2011 DC Mall Hike and Museum Visit

Greetings Troop! We have business this Wednesday to tend to. 

Animal Rescue benefit: From Jared’s message. 
I have arranged a special treat for the Wednesday, December 15. Mrs Harlow a wild life rehabilitator from ARK. She will be bringing in some of the animals that have been rehabilitated but are unable to be released back into the wild. To help Mrs Harlow with taking care of these injured animals. I would like to hold a food drive at the Troop meeting for ARK. Following are some ideas; dry cat food in bags (not cans), bird seed, bird treats, cutter bone(calcium bone for birds), hamster food, hamster treats, freeze dried crickets, and freeze dried worms. 

Washington DC Jan 8th Mall Hike and Museum visit: 
See attached Permission Slip
Sign ups this Wednesday and Jan 5th, 

Charter Bus Ride fee is $15.00. Seating limited to first come, first serve, 55 seats available. 

We have no meeting the last two weeks of December, the 22cd and 29th. 

Bring in your Carpentry projects or Engineering homework for merit badge completion 

See you Wednesday, 

SM Mark Wheeler
Aj Mezynski,
Dec 15, 2010, 3:51 AM