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2010 Timberline Ski Trip

It is time to think about skiing!  Timberline is coming!
I am very excited to bring you the 2010 Timberline ski trip this year.  We will be travelling to wild and wonderful West Virginia to take to the slopes and learn to ski.  This has been one of the most popular trips in years past, so please read the attached flyer carefully and there will be a sign up sheet at this weeks meeting.  All the dates and monetary information is on the flyer, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at
Thanks and I look forward to a great trip again this year.
Yours in Scouting,
Scott Grabham
ASM Troop 860

What to Bring

    Things to bring to the bunkhouse:
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillowcase
  • Towels/washcloth
  • Hygiene items
  • Clothes for traveling and after skiing 
  • Money for incidentals (suggested $20)
  • Hand warmers (4 for a $1 at Walmart)

    Timberline provides a mattress, pillow and blanket.

    Things for skiing:
  • Outer Layer Jacket (preferably waterproof/windproof)
  • Ski bibs or ski pants (again waterproof)
  • Second layer clothing (something warm, preferably not cotton)
  • Long underwear
  • Wool socks (2-3 pair)
  • Gloves/Mittens (2 pair)
  • Hat (for when you don't have your helmet on)
  • Face mask
  • Goggles

    Timberline has a limited number of ski jackets and bibs that rent for $10 per day.

Timberline Survival Guide:


·         Identify everything – Can’t stress this enough, the gear churn in the room is unbelievable

·         Bring bag lunch for trip out

·         Cash for hot drinks on site and for a snack on trip back home

·         No energy, highly caffeinated and/or sugared drinks please – bad idea all the way around

·         Drivers – go over barffing procedure before you hit those mountain roads

·         Friday night arrival – always chaos, be calm, deal with it one step at a time

·         Sat morning is EARLY or we’ll be back 300 people in the breakfast line

·         SKI!!!  That’s what we’re there for, hanging out in the room is not permitted

·         Electronics – bring it, lose it, no whining…you took the risk

Best advice – leave it in the car with driver permission.  There’s no way to secure items from theft in the rooms as they remain unlocked at all times.  Much more to come about troop electronic rules.

·         Snow Park where the slides and jumps are is off limits

Don’t go bonkers over this rule.  It’s a miracle we can take you skiing at all with our litigious society, so give me a break here (no pun intended).

·         Sunday morning – we got to boogie – school homework is a callin'

·         Ski responsibly – hospital trip is long and a royal pain

·         Buddy system – EXTREMELY important at this outing.  Stay with your buds, always.

·         Respect others on the slopes.  Causing crashes or injuring others is NOT cool, and will get you kicked off the slopes

·         Green slopes are slow speeds – ripping down the beginner slopes is just stupid and will get you kicked off

·         Meal ticket – lose it = starving

·         Tip – footwear (other than boots) for the room to keep socks dry is great, lots of snow tracked everywhere

·         Helmets – always….no helmet…no ski

·         YOU are responsible for your gear – keep track of it!!!

·         Have fun, be respectful of others, and enjoy these time…they don’t come around very often


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