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2010 Springs Camp

11/22/2010 from Mr. Wheeler
Webleos Scouts.  Please help me distribute this message to your fellow Webelos camp participants.  I have a difficult interface with this message system from work.  I apologize for lacking access to a complete e-mail listing.

Greetings Scouts!  What a great camp at the Springs!!  Let’s get to the wrap-up.

For our Webelos e-mail recipients, T2860 offers a wrap-up narrative to accompany each major event.  The wrap-up is attached to our event picture electronic folder documenting the event for our history log.  This serves to offer insight for Troop members unable to attend and for future camp coordinators to review for documentation.  

The 2010 Nov 20/21 Springs camp served as our T2860 Webelos invitational camp to offer our Webelos guests a chance to get to know our Troop and check out Boy Scouting.  I do believe we satisfied that mission!

The camp was a change up from the planned Conservation Park location.  Circumstances unfolded to preclude a full line up of event offerings at the Conservation Park.  A scout is rigidly flexible so no problem, we moved to our Springs camp location and what a great event we had!

Just like last weekend, Weather Dude nailed another one with a perfect forecast of great Scouting weather.  The day broke with cool temperatures that soon climbed into two layer comfort.  Troop 2860 campers were treated to a colorful site as they arrived at the shooting field where lengths of bright yellow ribbon marked range boundaries.  Bordering the field were hawk and knife range, archery range, air rifle range, wrist rocket range, and further on towards the camp main fire area was mud cooking, fire starting, and lashing practice.  Up by the camper shed, ASM Mr. Gould set up for Carpentry merit badge and later in the day, ASM Mr. Beuglass offered a Pathfinding BSA Heritage merit badge.  

Range Masters were already busy at work preparing their ranges while Troop members filed in at 9:00am.  Two Senior Scout Camp Staff members consisting of Camp SPL Tyler Grabham and assistant Zach Yarbrough hopped into the Scoutmaster’s faithful steed and off we went to meet our Webelos Guests at the pool parking area.  ASPL Alec Livingston remained at camp to maintain leadership there.  

On arrival at the pool parking, SPL Tyler quickly took care of business with Zack assisting and we soon arrived a few minutes later at the Springs with about a dozen Webelos vehicles in procession. 

Having a weekend of prior practice really showed as range masters moved directly into execution.  Wiki had a nice fire going and scouts could hardly move from one end of camp to the other without getting involved in an activity.  Tent setting up operations were delayed until later afternoon so all hands were on deck to assist or participate in the station offerings.  

The day continued to warm with bright sunshine keeping spirits high.  Scouts munched lunch at will with many parents basking in fall warmth in the protected field while enjoying mealtime company of their son.  

Eventually, 4:30pm came, stations were closed, borders removed, and the range area was quickly converted into camping area.  Troop Scouts found refuge in the older Springs camp sites while the Webelos guests set up in the shooting field.  Mouth watering smells of a great meal soon flowed out of the Troop kitchen with many kitchen helpers getting down to the business of prepping the evening munch.  

You really can’t go wrong with hamburgers, hot dogs, fresh made fries, apples and grapes for fruit, and cookies to polish it off.  We fired up the generator and let Tweety Bird and Sylvester entertain us while we enjoyed fellowship around the camp fire.  Next up was GODZILLA vs MECHAGODZILLA as the main feature movie.  This camp was a departure from our typical T2860 camp operation.  I don’t believe we’ve ever had  a camp movie before and this will be rarely repeated.  But once in a while, with scout leadership direction, we can incorporate a fun camp night of this sort.  It certainly worked out for this camp!  

Popcorn flowed, GODZILLA stomped around, and everyone stayed warm as the night gently cooled.  Big G finally put the whoop on and we closed up the theater.  

Next was the more serious task of a flag retirement ceremony performed by our Webelos guests.  Several flags were respectfully put to rest.  Soon after the kitchen and general camp was prepped for the night but there was one more moment of magic in store for the campers.  

I’ll try to paint a picture for you with my words but I assure you this moment could never be fully described.  The moon was full and very bright with no cloud cover.  Moon shadow was everywhere.    A lone scout stood in the dappled moon light in the far tree line.  I could only see his outline with the shooting field full of tents being before him.  It was about 9:30pm and SPL Tyler had designated this as the time for lights out so most campers were already in tents.  There was no one stirring about.  Beautifully and soulfully, the music of Taps carried forth from the distant Scout, T2860 Bugler, ASPL Alec Livingston.  I’ve been around scouting for a while now but this was one of the most magical moments I’ve ever had the privilege to witness.  That memory goes in the vault.  Alec, thank you, that was absolutely beautiful.  

Soon after voices began of soften from tents and the scouts snuggled in for the night.  

The morning brought breakfast, vespers, pack up, cleanup, and all to soon we said goodbye to our Webelos guests and closed camp.  

Webelos thank you – 

Thank you Webelos Scouts and parents for participating in our annual November Webelos invitational camp.  I hope you enjoyed Scouting with our Troop and are energized with the adventures that await you in Boy Scouting.  We’d love to have you join T2860, but more importantly, we hope you find a Troop home where you can successfully continue your Scouting career.  

Scout thank you - 

Camp SPL Tyler, great Job Tyler!!!

ASPL Alec, wow!

Line bosses, Scott and Zach, great job with the line guys!!

Camp Chaplin’s Aid Zach, great message and delivery Zach, fantastic leadership at camp!!

Ordnance Chief Jared, thank you again for helping set up and everything, nice job!

Range helpers, Mitchell, Sam J, Grayson, Wiki, Sam B, Zach, Tyler Gs (both of you), and the many other Troop scouts who helped, great leadership Scouts!!

Quartermaster Tyler G, trailer and gear was perfect.  Great Job!!  Please congratulate your team.

Our Troop Scouts practiced fantastic leadership this weekend.  Our leadership training and expectations are very much evident in the maturation of leadership skill in our Scouts.  Our Senior Leadership is amazing and are paving the way for the future leaders in the Troop.  Wonderful job Scouts!!  Very well done.

Adults – 

Monty – you worked crazy hard to pull all this together, offered use of your gear and training, very much appreciated Monty!!!  Great camp!!

Mitch, awesome job on the Archery, thank you!!

Greg, Mr. Gross, Mark G, and many others who helped on Hawk and Knife, among other tasks, thank you!

Kris – Thank you as always my friend

Brandon – RECON BBQ Chowdown is coming, CAN’T WAIT!!,  nice job on this camp Brandon, thank you for your help!!

The Machine, David G, amazing job David, Thank you so much!!

Chris, thank you for helping Chris, always a pleasure to camp with you!!  Thank you!!

Joe, thank you very much Joe for the help!!

Ken, Steve, Scott, Sisal, Theresa, Dean, and the many others who did so much for the camp.  Thank you very very much!! The Troop could not function without you.  Thank you!!

Parents at home, your hard work is never taken for granted. You’re the foundation of the Troop and the rock of security that gives your Scout confidence to reach for his highest goals.  Your Troop partnership and support brings forth a powerful parenting tool to help our sons become fantastic young men.  Thank you for the privilege of working with such an awesome group of Scouts!!

And finally for my friends, Mrs. and Mr. Coakley.  They continue to be steadfast supporters of our Troop.  They offer the use of their most precious possession, their private property.  Thank you just doesn’t cover it somehow.  It is a shared passion that they understand.  

I am humbled by it all.  

See you soon,


Mark Wheeler

11/17/2010 from Mr. Wheeler

Greetings Scouts!  We have a LOT to organize for our Webelos Invitational Shooting Camp this weekend.  Please review this message carefully.

Here’s the deal.  I’m counting on the Troop for the camp this weekend.  I’m counting on Scout leaders helping me, helping with Webelos, and helping with stations.  I’m counting on adult leaders to assist where they can.  Please don’t delay in reply if you can offer assistance.

Leadership Core.  Leadership College Graduates.  Buckskin Graduates.  Senior T2860 Scout Leaders and Officers.  This is your camp.  Our Webelos invitational camp is specifically designed for you to show what you’ve got.  The Webelos scouts need you, need your leadership, your mentorship, your friendship and guidance.  This is fundamental scouting that you’ve all been highly trained for.  T2860 is “The Best There Is”.  That lives in the heart of each of you.  Lets pull together and make this happen!!

For adult leaders, here’s the good news!  THIS IS FUN!  We had a blast last weekend and we’re doing basically the same thing this weekend, same place, almost the same time.  Safety is critical at this camp.  Please be especially watchful to assure a safe camp for all. 


The Nov 20/21 (not Friday) Shooting Camp has been moved to our T2860 Springs Camp location off of Moseley Road.  Air rifle shooting will be offered instead of 22 caliber.  Otherwise, the stations we had planned for are the same if we have enough adult leader and Scout assistance.  The attached file details stations and session times.  I’ll have the sign ups tonight at the meeting.  Carpentry merit badge will be offered again and Scouts may bring Carpentry projects to work on at the Springs event with ASM Mr. Gould to assist. 

Like last weekend, general supervision for scouts will not be provided during the day.  Parents will need to supervise your son throughout the day.  Overnight camping is offered and encouraged.  Once we transition to the general camp at 4:30pm, then general supervision will be available.  Until then, parents please plan on supervising your son during the day or arrange for another specific adult to provide direct supervision for your son. 

I know I’m harping on the supervision, but this is the most important part of keeping a safe camp with the types of activities we’re offering. 

And Noah, you’ll like this part!  We’re planning a repeat of a campfire, evening meal, and a GODZILLA Movie!!!  I have another GODZILLA movie we can enjoy.  Families are encouraged to stay and enjoy the evening meal and movie. 

Attending scouts are to bring a bag lunch for Saturday.  There will be no patrol cooking.  The Troop will provide the evening meal on Sat, crackerbarrel, and a breakfast on Sunday.  We will not be camping Friday night.  We are camping Saturday night.  Uniform for camp is Class B*.

*Senior Scout Leaders and Adult leaders, please be in uniform on Saturday so our Webelos guests can identify you!


Nov 20:

8:30am - Station managers arrive at the Springs, prepare stations.  Wiki, get the fire started!

9:00am 4:30pm Stations open for business

9:30am – Webelos arrive at camp

4:30pm – Stations close, tent setting up begins, gather at camp fire

5:45pm – Begin evening meal followed by movie and popcorn

10:00pm Lights out

Nov 21:

8:30am – Breakfast

9:30am – Vespers

10:30am – Depart Camp except for helpers who will assist with final camp breakdown and organization

Adult station monitoring and prep needed:

1.       Fire monitor and open fire cooking, bread on a stick, mud apples, etc…  Please be inventive, bring all materials needed.  I’ll have the mud ready!!

2.       Knots and Lashings

3.       Fire starting station supervision and instruction where needed

4.       Wrist Rocket station (we have several wrist rockets)  Please bring dog food for ammo, paper plates to decorate for targets. 

5.       Kitchen help

6.       French Fry cooker!!

7.       Hawk and Knife Station

8.       Archery station help

9.       Projector and sound system prep and check

10.   Registration table to track arrivals, departures, who will be camping, evening meal numbers / parking director


Please reply by e-mail and/or the signup sheets will be available tonight.


See you soon!


Mark Wheeler