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2010 Springs Day Camp

11/15/2010 Wrap up from Mr. Wheeler
Greetings Scouts!  What a great day we had at our Springs Camp event!  Let’s go over the highlights for the T2860 history books.

After several Patrol Leaders Conference discussions about a day event followed with a meal and a movie, our Troop schedule finally had an opening providing a chance to execute the Scout’s plan.

Weather Dude offered a perfect forecast of a warm sunny fall day followed by a quick cool down in the evening for the event.  And a wonderful day it was!

Just a quick history note about the Springs Property for folks new to the Troop.  This 17 acres of woodlands is the private property of the Coakley family.  Mr. Coakley and I have been friends for several years.  Being an expert outdoorsman, hunter, former Scout, and mentor to many young men over the years, Mr. Coakley readily accepted my proposal that we developed a plan to utilize his property for exclusive use of T2860.  With help of several Troop members we carefully cleared a few sites for tents, established a main fire gathering place, and eventually built a shooting backstop wall for the Coakley’s personal and Troop use.  We have utilized the space for camps, shotgun, and rifle programs.  The camp name came about due to the many artesian springs located on the property.

We aren’t the first to use this property as a camp.  Mr. Coakley has found several arrow heads on the property including one two weeks ago only a few feet from our main camp fire site!  

Now back to the event.

ASM Mr. Gould opened the event with a well attended merit badge of Carpentry.

Jared Martin soon followed with his Eagle Scout work crew making good progress on his project.  

More Scout adult leaders soon began to arrive to set up for their stations followed by Scouts eager to get started.  About 12:00 noon the stations were up and running with scouts practicing with tomahawks and knives, archers were enjoying our new Genesis youth archery bows, and the air rifles were popping with regularity. 

Looking around at the organization of the event, dedication of the station leaders, and variety of station offerings, it was easy to draw reference to the many council or summer camp experiences we’ve enjoyed.  But this was our troop, our leaders, our scouts, and we were on welcoming grounds.  The weather was perfect, spirits were high, and we haven’t even got to the evening meal and movie yet!

Throughout the day, scouts migrated from station to station with many scouts repeating their favorite.  

ASM Mr. Beuglass started Pathfinding at 1:30pm with many scouts in attendance.  

As the afternoon shadows grew long and the air began to draw back the morning chill, scouts were developing a serious hunger.  No worries!  The kitchen crew was on duty and prepared.  

The Wikster expertly got a great fire started at about 4:30pm and soon after burger and hot dog juices were flowing as the kitchen crew swung into action.  No scout could possibly have gone hungry this night!!  The menu of burgers, hot dogs, fries fresh and crispy, apple slices, grapes, and cookies to polish it off were munched down is mass quantities by very hungry scouts.  

For our munching entertainment we fired up the projector and enjoyed cartoons for a pre-movie show.  

You just have to picture this, it’s a wonderfully cool clear fall evening, the campfire is expertly stoked and glowing warm, the kitchen is open for business with crew eager to serve, the projector is throwing a crisp clear picture up on our Scout made movie screen with great sound to match, and the fellowship of T2860 was never stronger.  Ok, maybe it wasn’t a traditional campfire, but there is absolutely no doubt that the scouts were enjoying this event!  

Eventually, the main munch was over and we opened the next phase of the evening with none other than GODZILLA!  Yes, from the depths of the sea came trouble for Tokyo!  Maga monsters of all sorts blasted each other and most of the buildings in Tokyo while they sorted out who as the badest beast around.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a movie without popcorn and once again the kitchen crew was on target.  

Wiki kept the heat on, popcorn flowed, monsters stomped and blasted each other, and we had a fantastic evening!  

Just at WD had predicted, the evening chill was making its way through our layers as the night grew later.  Big G got plopped back into the drink, camp was secured for the night, the fire doused, and we called it a night.  

Scouts - 
•         Noah, you did good.  Excellent suggestion!
•         Jared, thank you for helping set up the ranges Friday, gave up attending the football game and everything, good job!
•         Wiki, nice fire as always and you helped throughout the day, thank you!
•         Grayson, worked the hawk and knife range most of the day and helped me in numerous ways on this camp, thank you my son.
•         Nick and Scott  – shared your archery targets, helped Jared, even helped with Sunday clean up, thank you!
•         Tyler Gould – the Troop trailer was ready, stocked, and fully prepared, please notify your Quartermaster crew of a job well done!
•         Hunter – helped out in every way possible, thank you Hunter!!!
•         Zach S – always on point when help is needed, that’s some serious scouting!  Great Job!
•         Scouts attending, well done guys, you treated the property with respect, enjoyed the events, worked the merit badges, and took care of business.  The camp was safe and well done.  Very nice job Scouts!

Adults – 
•         Station Leaders ASMs Mr. McNeil, Mr. Damon, and Mr. Langlais, you worked all day long and helped our Scouts learn and respect woodsman skills. The impact of your patience and dedication cannot be overstated.  Thank you very much for making this event safe and fun!
•         ASM Mr. Gould – Hardest worker in the Troop.  Thank you!
•         Kitchen crew – Mrs. And Mr. Rimmer, Mr. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Swain, and more, WOW!  You laid down some great grub!  Greg, you worked this for hours.  Mr. Swain saved the fries!  All of you worked very hard and your effort is very much appreciated!!
•         ASM Mr. Beuglass – great class and a legacy to boot!  Nice job!
•         Parents – thank you very much for transporting scouts and staying to help keep the camp safe and well supervised.  

My friends the Coakley’s and my personal mentor Mr. Coakley, thank you very much for sharing your most precious possession, your family land and resources, and especially your faith in the Troop and the importance of the program.  Thank you very much!

Mark Wheeler

11/10/10 from Mr. Wheeler (Note: Attachments are at the bottom of this page)
Greetings Troop! We’re doing things a little different tonight to help keep us on track.

Attached are my meeting opening topics notes. I don’t generally offer these but SPL John and I need to zoom through announcements tonight so we can get on with Web U and the Webelos parent meeting. Please review.

Also, attached in the Excel file are the sign-up sheets for Nov 13 Day Camp. Please do not respond to me about signing up. The ONLY way to sign-up is to attend the meeting tonight and sign up in person or have a fellow scout/parent assist for you. I offer these so you can see what the plan is.

A map and directions to the Springs camp is included on the last sheet in the Excel workbook.

We must know how many to plan the evening meal for. Families welcome! It’ll be simple, burgers/dogs etc… if we have enough help, otherwise, it’ll be pizza.
I’m planning on popcorn for the movie. The movie will probably be a Godzilla classis if they arrive on time. I need helpers for the meal, shopping for food and helping cook. Please Please offer to assist. The scouts are really looking forward to this campfire and meal. 

After camp breakdown / clean up Sunday. I’ll be out to the Springs on Sunday to wrap things up, probably around 10:00am. It’ll just be trash detail and general tidying up. Please contact me if you can assist.

See you tonight,
Mark Wheeler

11/9/10 from Mr. Wheeler
Nov 13 Springs Day Camp:
  • • Air Rifle (three scouts per session) not a merit badge offering but proficiency qualifying counts
  • • Archery (four scouts per session) not a merit badge offering 
  • • Hawk and Knife (still need adult help)
  • • Carpentry Merit Badge
  • • Pathfinding Merit Badge
  • • Jared Martin Eagle Project (Star / 13 yld minimum)
  • • Evening Meal arrival is 4:30pm
  • • Times for the station offerings will be clearly noted on the sign up table Wed night.
  • • Springs Camp location is on Moseley Road, about 10 minutes from Woodlake. I’ll send detailed directions soon.
  • • All diners will need a mess kit for the evening meal
  • • Scouts attending are to have a day pack, water bottle, jacket, etc…as always
  • • Bring a chair for the evening camp fire and movie
  • • Roaming the property is not permitted. This is private property and we are the Coakley’s guests. Please help scouts stay within boundaries
  • • A port-a-john will be on site
Parents, please plan to remain and supervise your son at the Springs Day Camp when he’s not directly involved in a station. Adult leaders will be busy with stations and not available to offer general supervision.

A signup sheet for each station offering will be available this Wednesday. Parents, please assist your son as he signs up for stations being careful to not double book. Time slots for the stations will be clearly noted on the sheets.

Nov 13, Sat, T2860 Springs Day Camp Event:

There are several activities we’re hoping to offer on Sat, Nov 13.  I have helpers for some.  Others still need adult assistants.  

*Please note: The Springs day time events are limited to scouts interested in the merit badge activities, helping Jared with his Eagle project, or otherwise supporting the day time events.   

Scouts not involved in the merit badges or helping Jared and are interested in the evening portion of camp only, are asked to arrive at around 4:30 pm.  This will be time for the evening camp fire, evening meal, and hopefully a movie.

Merit badge councilors and meal planning must have a head count.  Please sign up for camp activities at the sign up table this Wednesday.

Springs Sat Nov 13 Event Plans:
  •             10:00am – Carpentry MB with Mr. Gould.  Scouts participating in carpentry should arrive about 9:45am and bring a lunch.
  •             11:00am – Jared Martin Eagle Project work begins (at the Springs Camp) Jared will announce more details Wed.
  •             1:00pm – Pathfinding MB with Mr. Beuglass.  Scouts should complete this badge in this one afternoon.  
So far that is all the adult helpers I’ve confirmed.  The scouts would like to work on Archery MB but we don’t have an adult confirmed to prepare and run that effort.  I can probably get straw bales set up on Friday to assist with archery but am waiting to see if we have adult help before spending funds on this station.  

We’d like to run a hawk and knife range before the evening camp fire but again, at least two adults need to confirm their availability to work the range along with the Hawk and Knife Chiefs.  
A simple meal of burgers and baked fries is planned for the evening meal.  Again, adults are needed to assist or we’ll just order pizza if adult meal assistance isn’t available.  I’ll have the Troop trailer on site.  We can set up for the meal and popcorn with the movie.  All Troop adults are encouraged to enjoy an evening with your son and his Troop.

Speaking of a movie, the PLC was interested in a Godzilla classic.  I’ll see what I can find.

All this is weather dependent.  I’ll be in close communication with location directions and other details as Sat draws closer.
Please contact me if you’d like to help with a task on Saturday.
See you soon,
Mark Wheeler

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