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2010 Scouting for Food

11/15/2010 Wrap up from Mr. Lescault

As you know 35 scouts and 17 scouters (parents) delivered over 2200 bags on October 30th in the neighborhoods of Summer Lake, Otterdale Pointe, FoxFire, Fox Creek, Foxcoft and part of Brandermill.  
Last Saturday, November 1st, 42 scouts and 22 parents, came together and collected 204 bags of food for the Central Virginia Food Bank.  Now some may think that 204 bags is not a lot, however, those bags filled the back of two pickup trucks and a trailer!  It was GREAT; last year we only collected 98 bags, the year before 117 bags and the year before that we collected 128 bags (most ever, until last weekend). 
Again I want to thank everyone who gave up time and put some much effort into this good cause.  I've attached two photos of some bags (around 200) taken at the collection point.  Our Scoutmaster looks very happy.  
I will send out a list of who volunteered on both weekends later in the week when things calm down.  Again thanks. 

Captain Russ Lescault
Special Operations Division 
Uniform Operations Bureau 
Chesterfield County Police Department 
(804) 751-2390

Scouting for food is only a few weeks away. This is our change to help the community. The Central Virginia Food Bank’s pantry is getting bare…there are more hungry children and adults than ever before. Also, due to some last minute shuffling around Troop 2860 has a larger area this year. We will be working in the areas of Summer Lake, Foxcroft, Foxfire, Otterdale Point and a portion of Brandermill…2,000+ homes. So, I’m asking the ‘Best there is and the Best there Ever Was’ Troop to step forward to help; scouts and adultery leaders are needed. 

Our drop-off date will be on October 30th and our pick-up date is Nov 6th. Tonight I will be going over our areas and I’ll send around a sign-up sheet for adult drivers. 

I hope to see you there, as well as on the 30th and the 6th. 

Russ Lescault 

  1. Get all your scouts to wear uniforms when distributing and collecting bags
  2. Have the Scouts stay in buddy teams, stay safe!
  3. Scouts will not enter any residences expect in the company of a parent or authorized adult leader.
  4. Scouts should never to ride in the back of pick-ups or trailers.
  5. We will do a safety brief before the event, such as "Look both ways if you are crossing a street." Rules 2-4 will be repeated several times
  6. Drivers, try to keep the scouts from running door to door and use driveways whenever possible
  7. Scouts, don’t try to carry too many bags at once or race your buddy.  The only competition we have is for the Troop to collect as many bags of food as possible for those in need.  
  8. If possible give your scouts drinks & snacks after they complete the mission.
  9. Begin distribution and collection after 10:00 am, not earlier, for few good reasons. It is too dark real early in the morning, we don't want to disturb our food donors and it gives some people time to put their bags on their porch.
  10. Drop the bags off near the front door - do not knock, but if the homeowner is outside or greets you, explain the program. This keeps the scouts together. The bag explains the reason for the food drive. If a scout does speak with an adult, his buddy (rule #2) should be there and an adult should be hovering nearby.
We will post reminder signs at entrances to main neighborhoods and at key intersections. 

Also we have already contacted the local paper so the article may run the week of pickup. All scouts will obey the scout law (A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent). 

If possible everyone in the troop should e-mail or tweet or post on facebook anyone they know in our collection area to remind them of this important food drive.