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2010 Pace Farm

Mr. Jones  will be taking names tonight of scouts interested in station instruction at the Pace Farm camp, April 17/18. We must set this up early to plan a training session for the instructors on their specific station. Instructors must be First Class or higher in rank. Priority will be given to the higher ranking instructors to maximize their leadership opportunities as they work toward the ultimate goal of Eagle Scout. Please sign up, however, as many older scouts have weekend activities on that date.

Each station will require:
- four instructors
- Leadership Core station manager
- two adult mentors.

Two instructors will take the morning shift and two will take the afternoon shift. This will allow instructors free time to participate in camp activities for a half day. The station manager may be relieved either by a fellow Leadership Core member, adult mentor, or stay on task as needed throughout the day. Each station rotation is expected to be designed to last about an hour.