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2010 Conservation Park Shooting Camp

11/17/2010 from Mr. McNeil
Troop 2860
I have all the payments and signup forms for the original campoout signup. I wil bring them to the meeting tonight to hand back forms, checks and cash payments. 
It was a big disapointment to change our venue for the camp out this weeeknd. It was of no fault of  the hosting facility. Several changes are being made my their insurance carrier and during this time of change we were caught in limbo with getting certain activities approved.
I am confident we will have a great time this weekend at the springs! I will bring the squirrel targets! 
YIS.....Mr. McNeil 

11/2010 from Mr. McNeil

Starting this Wed. the 27th scouts will be able to sign up for the Nov. 
19-21 camp out.

The camp will be held at Conservation Park near Charles City. This is the site of the infamous 16 degree Wilderness Survival camp held in January of this year.

At this camp we will have shooting sports as our primary activity. 
Rifle, Shotgun, Archery and Knife/Hawk are on the agenda for Saturday.

  • Rifle will be bolt action 22 caliber and participants will have opportunity to qualify for rifle MB as well as earn certificates in the NRA Rifle Marksmanship program.
  • We are very excited to have shotgun instruction being conducted by a 4 time "All American" competitive shooter and instructor. This should definitely improve our shotgun shooting program. Space is limited and there is an extra fee for shotgun shooting.
  • Archers will have opportunity to try our the troops new equipment on the Conservation Park archery range.
  • Knife and Hawk is always  a fun activity.
Expect more news to come as we work out possible service project and additional activities.

Several Weblo guests and parents are expected at this camp out.

Several adult positions need to be filled to support activities. Have archery, firearm shooting experience or camp skills! Please see Monty McNeil.

Sign-up and permission form is attached.

YIS,   Mr. McNeil

Aj Mezynski,
Oct 31, 2010, 8:55 AM