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2010 Antietam

12/7/2010 from Mr. Wheeler
Greetings Scouts!  We had one COOL camp!  And it wasn’t just the weather….Antietam Battlefield tour, luminaries, major Pizza action, warm campfire, and well prepared scouts all contributed to an awesome camp!

Camp SPL Alec got us ready for launch on Friday, Dec 3 with 24 Scouts and 8 adult leaders.  All went well and away we went.

Traffic was kind to us as we followed Mr. Mulloy’s, with Conner’s assistance, perfect recon map and route for us to follow.  We rolled into camp about 9:00pm with no travel issues.  Our camp site at the KOA was huge with no immediate camping neighbors nearby.  We’re not exactly the quietist campers around, so no neighbors to bother is really nice.  The Scouts set to work getting tents arranged and soon had a very cheery campfire up and running without delay.  The night was cool with no breeze making for a very pleasant evening.  

Sat morning brought out hot chocolate and soon afterwards patrols were handed prepared meal plans with food materials.  They got right to work with guides at the ready as they prepared their breakfasts.  Line Boss Jack Ward took care of managing clean-up business.  Patrol Guides Andrew Husbands, Grayson Wheeler, and Patrick Holder kept safety watch and worked with the three patrols.  Quartermaster Tyler Gould managed Troop gear with assistance from Historian Zach Scribner.  

On the adult side, Dutch Oven Master, ASM Mr. Tyson, ably wrangled up a Mountain Man breakfast for hungry adult campers and the SPL with coffee powered assistance from ASM Mr. Puletti, Mr. Gould, Mr. Holder, Mr. Kalata, Mr. Simpson, and Mr. Mulloy.  

Breakfast wrapped up, we headed for our Antietam Tour.  Our guide, Mr. John Schildt was outstanding.  A published Antietam expert with few equals, Mr. Schildt brought to life many fascinating aspects of the wider implications of the conflict along with stories of individuals who’s acts of heroism still resound today.  
The history lesson could not have been better.  We had an expert historian, a fascinating battle to learn about, and first hand visuals of the site with our boots walking the same ground where so much blood was shed.  It was truly and exceptional experience.  We visited the bloody cornfield, sunken road, Dunker Church, and even Whisky Bridge.  We learned about 15 year old John Cook, the youngest recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor awarded for heroism at the battle of Antietam who had enlisted at the tender age of 13.  The many fascinating tidbits of knowledge made for a fast paced tour.  

Tour ended, we said our goodbyes to Mr. Schldt and headed back to camp for a tasty lunch of hot soup and sandwiches.  Mr. Mulloy had arranged for our Scouts to participate with the volunteer closing ceremony and for us to include our vehicles in the volunteer lineup for the evening luminary drive.  Everything went like clockwork. The luminary drive is truly a memory making experience.  Relating the site of 23,000 lights covering field after open field is beyond description.

Back at the campsite for the second evening the Scouts had settled down and were enjoying a nice warm campfire.  Soon the pizza arrived and Mr. Mulloy said they could not eat it all.  Bold words indeed!  These are T2860 Scouts were talking about here!  Ok, technically, they did not consume all the pizza that night, but, I handed out the last pizza pie at the Sheets pit stop on the way home and nary a slice made it to Midlothian that I know of.  That was a LOT of pizza.  Nice job Mr. Mulloy!!!

Thank you:

Webi Adam Kalata – Welcome to the Troop cold weather camper warrior!!
Camp SPL Alec – Great Job Alec!!!
Camp Senior Scouts – Patrick, Eric, Grayson, Andrew, Jack, Adam, Tyler, and Zach – Awesome job leaders.  You really took care of business.
Blizzard, Glacier, and Avalanche patrols, great job scouts.
Conner – thank you very much for sharing your dad and for helping him make the journey to recon the camp.  That was a LONG ride and detailed business to handle.  Your service to the Troop is very much appreciated!!

Parents, your scouts conducted themselves honorably.  They were well prepared for the weather, respectful of our tour guide, and exhibited independence and resourcefulness worthy of a T2860 Scout.  That’s your hard work on display.  They were a joy to camp with.  Thank you.

Steve – outstanding camp Steve, really nice job!!
David – great job on the gear and kicking in everywhere at camp, Thank you!
Brandon – RECON warrior and Dutch Oven master with an 8 passenger van, doesn’t get better, major Thank you Brandon!!
Rodney – sorry you and Ryan had to leave early.  Thank you for your help.
Ken, Steve, Paul, Tom -  you guys are the best.  Thank you for all the hard work, shared hand warmers, hot coffee, and wonderful fellowship.  I’d camp with you guys anywhere anytime!!  Thank you!!!

One last note – No, we didn’t chock up a Polar Bear qualifying night.  First night was 22.3 degrees and the second was warmer at 27.5 degrees.  There was no wind chill to push the numbers down.  That doesn’t diminish my pride in our Troop with how well they did to face down a cold weather camp and did it with style and honor.  Awesome job T2860!!!

Mark Wheeler

11/28/2010 from Mr. Mulloy
Greetings Scouts! 

I hope you are ready to go camping again this weekend because we have a really special trip planned for our December Campout!

I really need some quick communication from everyone who is going with us and please be sure to turn in your permission slip and money this Wednesday Night, December 1, 2010.

We will meet at the usual spot, the Woodlake Aquatics overflow parking lot this Friday evening. The drive to Harpers Ferry, WV, where we are going to camp, takes about 3 ½ hours without traffic – so we need to be pulling out of the lot no later than 5:30PM. Please arrive before 5:00PM so you can get your gear loaded and check in for the trip.

Our base camp will be the Harpers Ferry KOA. We will set up camp Friday night when we arrive about 9PM and then have a cracker barrel before turning in for the night. Saturday morning we will perform Patrol Cooking. The troop will surprise you with the ingredients! 

At about 10:00 Saturday morning we will leave for the Antietam National Battleground in Maryland (about a 25 minute ride) where our 2 ½ hour tour begins at 11:00 AM. Our guide, John Schildt, is one of the foremost experts on the history of Antietam in the country and has written several books on the battle. We are really in for a treat! Once the tour is over, we will have a troop provided lunch and then get in line for the Antietam luminaries. The luminaries officially start at 6:00PM. It is a driving tour that is approximately 5 miles long. It will be a very moving site and one you will never forget! There is 23,000 luminaries, one for each soldier who was wounded, killed or lost in battle during this Civil War epic confrontation between the North and the South. 

Once we are finished with the luminaries, we will return to base camp at Harpers Ferry where dinner will be Pizza delivery! Be sure to let me know your favorite pizza topping so I can include it in the big Troop 860 delivery order! 

Sunday morning will be a quick grab and go breakfast so we can get on the road and be home by approximately 2:00PM.

Adults….We need drivers and we need to know as soon as possible how many seats you have available for scouts. We also need someone who can pull the small trailer. Please help out if at all possible.

\The forecast currently calls for lows in the high 20’s so be sure to have cold weather gear and get set for a possible “Polar Bear” night! Have some hand warmers ready for the sleeping bag so you are warm comfortable during the night. The battlefield at Antietam is on top of a hill and it will be windy and cold during the tour. Dress in layers, NO COTTON, and be sure to have adequate protection for your hands and face. If you have a fleece gator, this would be a good time to wear it. If you dress as you would to go snow skiing, you should be in great shape. We will review cold weather camping this Wednesday night along with some interesting info on the Battle of Antietam. So, be sure to make the meeting even if you can’t go camping with us.

I have attached the permission slip, directions to Harpers Ferry KOA and a tentative schedule. I have also provided a document with some historical info on the Battle at Antietam for your review prior to the tour. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Steve Mulloy

Google Map Route to Harpers Ferry KOA. Paste in browser if link does not automatically take you to Google Maps,+Midlothian,+VA&daddr=Harpers+Ferry+KOA,+Harpers+Ferry,+WV&hl=en&geocode=FdLOOgId-rBe-yG54-nd58ETHQ%3BFe3yVwIdZnpd-yHllHMtVHnn8A&mra=ls&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=28.749334,78.662109&ie=UTF8&z=7

Here is a link to info on the luminaries

11/28/2010 from Mr. Mulloy

It’s time to get ready for camping again! 

We enjoyed a great afternoon at Antietam and Harpers Ferry today. Attached are two photos taken today. I was called yesterday and informed that our reserved Antietam Battlefield guide cancelling at the last minute. But no reason to despair! As a result, John Schildt, author of several books on Antietam and one the nations top experts has been asked to be our personal guide! Troop 860 sure has luck working on our side this time! This campout is going to one fantastic Civil War learning experience. 

See below: 

John Schildt has been a lifelong student of Antietam. Among his many books are September Echoes, Drums along the Antietam, Four days in October, Roads to Antietam, Jackson and the Preachers, Antietam Hospitals, and Antietam through the Years. He has been a lecturer and guide for the Gettysburg college Civil War institute and Bud Robertson's "Campaigning with Lee" as well as for the Chicago Civil War round table and many other groups. He was the main speaker at the 125th anniversary of Antietam. While giving tours he likes to make history come alive by the information he shares of people, places and human interest stories. In addition to the regular Antietam tours, John also has an Antietam hospitals tour as well as "In the footsteps of Lincoln." These are approximately two hours. Likewise, he offers short tours of the Antietam national cemetery and Shepherdstown John has led three tours to Normandy and took part in the American and French commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the D-day landing in 1994. 

I spoke to the General Manager at the KOA and we will be joined by Troop 903 from Dover DE who is also visiting Antietam. This campground is very “scout friendly” and has had nothing but positive experiences when they open their campground to scout troops. More to follow and permission slips will be collected at the Troop meeting this Wednesday. 

Steve Mulloy 

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Aj Mezynski,
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