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2009 Troop Backpacking Campout

The Troop Backpacking Campout has been rescheduled to May 1st through 3rd.  Base camp will be the Elizabeth Furnace group campsite near Front Royal, VA.

Greetings backpackers and hikers!

Our annual troop backpacking trip is just around the corner.  While it is called the backpacking trip, we realize that not everyone will be backpacking.  So we try to keep to the spirit of the event.  This means that the third year and older scouts will be backpacking and the younger scouts will be day hiking.

The recommended carry weight for backpacking is not to exceed 20% of body weight.  We've found that getting a pack under 20 pounds for a
scout is very difficult, so a scout needs to weigh at least 100 pounds to realistically backpack.  We also can't expect the newest scouts to
have all the necessary equipment or training.  For these reasons the 1st and 2nd year scouts will be staying in base camp and day hiking on
Saturday.  The 2nd year scouts have been exposed to cooking for themselves and will be doing backpacking style cooking on their own to
further their training.  The 1st year scouts will be doing patrol cooking to help in their advancement.

Attached is the permission slip for the May backpacking trip.

Here's the details:
- Meet at 4:30 on Friday, May 1st, in the parking lot across from the Woodlake AFC
- Everybody camps in base camp Friday night
- Saturday backpackers (3rd year scouts and older) head out and camp on the trail.
- Saturday morning 1st and 2nd year day hike and return to base camp.
- Return Sunday around mid-afternoon.

Base campers
- Friday dinner - pack a meal for the trip
- Saturday breakfast/dinner - patrol cooking
- Saturday lunch - pack a meal for the hike
- Sunday breakfast/lunch - patrol cooking
- Friday dinner - pack a meal for the trip
- Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner - backpacking cooking
- Sunday breakfast/lunch - backpacking cooking

Base campers
- tent, sleeping pad and bag, personal eating utensils
- patrol cook box
- day pack/book bag to carry lunch/water/rain gear (1st year scouts)
- backpack to carry some gear plus lunch/water/rain gear (2st year scouts)
- class A uniform for traveling, class B in camp
- rain gear (Be Prepared)
- shelter, sleeping pad and bag, personal eating utensils
- personal cooking gear
- backpack to carry everything
- class A uniform for traveling
- rain gear (Be Prepared)

If you have any questions concerning preparations, food, or gear, contact Mr. Fields or Mr. Holder.
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May 6, 2009, 10:33 AM
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