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2009 Timberline Ski Trip

It's almost that time for the ski trip.  We are leaving this coming Friday evening for Timberline WV for a great weekend of skiing.  Below is some additional information regarding the ski trip for those first timers and those who forget.  Here goes:
Lodging:  We are staying is a bunk house that is three bunks high.  Each bunk has at least a pad for the scout to sleep on in the bunk and a sleeping bag and blanket is all that is needed.  And with all the scouts stacked in once place, it is very important that each scout has their clothing marked with their name because I can guarantee that things will get mixed up with that may boys in one place.  I cannot stress enough that your scout should put their clothing in their duffel bag as soon as they take it off or they will spend Sunday morning looking for their stuff.  It happens every year and as leaders, we will not spend time looking for things while we are trying to get on the road Sunday.  Also, there are showers in the bunk house which means that the boys can shower if they want to, therefore, they need to bring a towel.  
Food:  Included in our price is three meals on Saturday and two meals on Sunday.  We will eat lunch before we leave on Sunday afternoon.  Therefore, there really is not a need for the scouts to have money on this trip.  If they insist, $5 is all I would recommend for the vending machines.  They will also need to pack a dinner for the trip on Friday evening.  We will not stop on the way to Timberline on Friday evening because of the long drive.  All we ask it that you think about what the scout will bring along since they will be eating in someone's vehicle.  
Clothing:  This is a ski trip, therefore, think layers.  A hat and gloves are a must.  As for ski pants, really all they need is something that is waterproof.  If they fall, they will get wet.  They can go to the lodge at anytime if they get cold, so keep that in mind.  A jacket with a hood works well also.  Boots are also a must.  Please don't send your scout with just a pair of tennis shoes, they will not work.  As for packing, a duffel bag works well, please no packs!
Helmets:  Helmets are available to rent at the ski shop for $8 for a day or $14 for two days.  Helmets are strongly recommended by the troop leadership and they will need to bring money with them to rent the helmets.  Therefore, keep this in mind when it comes to spending money. 
Forms:  I must have all permission slips and insurance cards this coming Wednesday evening.  In addition, we need each skier to fill out a rental form if they are renting equipment from Timberline.  I will have the forms with me on Wednesday evening.  Please don't require me to track you down, thanks.
Other Information:  Just a few other random reminders,
  • No enegy drinks are allowed, no exceptions.  If we find your scout purchasing energy drinks from the vending machine, we will warn them the first time.  The second time, you will be called to come and get your son, no exceptions.  We have had problems in the past with energy drinks and we don't need a repeat.
  • No electronics, no exceptions.  We are going to be in very tight living arrangements and we don't want to worry about anything being lost.  We are located in a bunk house "community" with other scouts and groups in the same location.  Therefore, please remove any chance of anything being lost or stolen.
  • Playing cards are fine as are other games that are easily transported.  Some scouts may need to take a break in the afternoon from the slopes and they will need something to keep they occupied if they spend time in the bunk house. 
That is all I can think of right now.  If you have any question, please let me know by responding to this email, calling me at home at 639-0710 or calling my office at 267-3111.  Thanks and we look forward to a great and safe trip.
Dan Homan
Assistant Scout Master
Troop 2860
Aj Mezynski,
Feb 9, 2009, 11:24 AM