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2009 Mt. Rogers/Creeper Trail Campout

June 18 - 21 EXTRAVAGANZAIII - Finally, some camping!!!  And what a good one this is!!!  We'll be visiting one of the best outdoor areas in VA. 

The VA Creeper Trail is famous nation wide as one of the most beautiful bike rides available anywhere!  As if that's not enough, we're looking at bagging (that's hiker talk for summiting a peak) Mount Rodgers, the highest peak in VA.  This hike is noted as the best in VA.  We'll start at Grayson Highlands State Park, hit the trial through the Rhododendrons in full bloom, watch for the wild ponies on our route, and take the Appalachian Trial, the most famous hiking trail on the East Coast, up to Mount Rodgers.  Not bad for an 8 mile day hike!  Now that is some serious Boy Scouting!!  Get those bicycles tuned up and your boots broken in!  Much more info to follow.

Basic Activity Plan:
June 12 - Begin gathering of the bikes, Mr. Wheeler's residence
June 17 - Loading of the bikes on trailers
June 18 - Meet at pool parking lot, 9:00am, arrive at Bear Tree camp approx 3:30pm
June 19 - Creeper Trail, Swimming at Damascus Pool
June 20 - Summit hike Mount Rodgers starting at Grayson Highlands State Park, 8 mile round trip
June 21 - Leave camp approx 10:00am, Home by 4:00pm

Food Plan:
June 18 - Bag travel lunch, patrol cooking evening meal, Troop provided crackerbarrel (adults / senior Scout Officers always cook separate from patrols.

June 19 - Patrol breakfast, Troop provided lunch fixins, Patrol cook evening meal
June 20 - Patrol breakfast, Troop provided lunch fixins, Patrol cook evening meal
June 21 - Troop Breakfast, Have lunch money for trip home.

Camp fee is $30 per camper.  That includes your pool fee at Damascus, three nights camping, and all camp food.  Patrols are reimbursed by the troop for camp food. 
You will need some traveling cash for lunch on the way home.

Aj Mezynski,
Jun 3, 2009, 7:47 PM