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2009 Backpacking Mt. Pleasant

We have 30 people signed up so far for the backpacking adventure this weekend.  That is unbelievably fantastic!  However, this many backpackers will not fit the available camp sites at the Devils Marble Yard.  Please don’t be discouraged.  You only had 40 minutes scheduled at the yard anyway.  Mr. Fields has completed his THIRD recon of the area making absolutely sure the Troop has solid information to base decisions on.  Backpackers will be enjoying hiking Mount Pleasant.  This is actually closer to the VMI base camp than the DMY, plenty of space, great trails, not as technically difficult as the DMY, and it’s a fantastic hike.

Now if you think we’re backing down on your backpacking challenge, think again.  With a peak of 4,050 feet and 1,648 feet of elevation change, this hike is not to be taken lightly.  This is serious mountain terrain with every facet of late fall (in this area) mountain weather thrown in. It’s rated as one of the best hikes on the East Coast and is Mr. Holder’s favorite.  If you have a clear night in the mountain meadow you’ll be camping in, the stars will look like you could pluck them from the sky.  I’ll bet few of you have ever seen a crystal clear night sky outside of the city lights void of tree cover to obscure your view.  It is an amazing sight that you will never forget. 

  • Friday - Drive to Hog Camp Gap and camp in the meadow.
  • Saturday - Break camp, hike the Henry Lanum Memorial Trail, then start the Old Hotel Trail, camping near the Cow Camp Gap shelter.
  • Sunday - Break camp, continue on the Old Hotel Trail, then take the AT back to Hog Camp Gap.  Stop at the McDonald's in Amherst for lunch on the way home.

Driving Directions:

1. Take Route 60 west to rendezvous @ Long Mountain Wayside.

2. After rendezvous, take Route 60 west approximately 1 mile.

3. Turn right on SR-634 (Coffee Town Rd.)

4. Follow SR-634 (Coffee Town Rd.)

5. Follow SR-634 (Coffee Town Rd.) for 1.5 miles

6. Turn right on SR-755 (Wiggins Spring Rd)

7. Follow SR-755 for 2.5 miles to Hog Camp Gap

8. At Hog Camp Gap, notice Appalachian Trail crossing and park on left.