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2008 Spy Museum Campout

The Spy Museum

We have made some adjustments to the plan for this weekend’s campout, and wanted to make sure that everyone was up-to-date. We will still be taking permission slips through this Wednesday evening- so I hope everyone will plan on going on this trip!

This weekend’s weather looks incredible for a January trip (Saturday high around 50 and low around 32), and the Spy Museum is an amazing place that the scouts will really enjoy. The Troop made a trip there several years ago shortly after it opened, and the exhibits were impressive and informative. There are a number of “hands on” things to do, and many original cold war spy gadgets to see that are pretty incredible!

Permission Slip

The Permission Slip is due this week!


Due to a number of issues, we will be leaving on SATURDAY MORNING (at the normal parking lot across from the Woodlake AFC). We need everyone to arrive promptly at 7:00 as we need to be on the road quickly to make it to the Spy Museum on time.

We will go directly to the Springfield Metro Station, where the boys will board the Metro for a trip to downtown DC. We will enjoy the Spy Museum from approximately 11:00-1:00, then meet Mr. Beuglass at the Washington Mall area, where the boys will be fed lunch.

After lunch, we will tour the Smithsonian and National Archive exhibits. Each scout will be assigned to an adult, and the group may choose its own destination in the Mall area, but must stay with the adult at all times. We will meet at the Metro station at 3:45 to board the Metro back to Springfield at 4:00. The drivers will then transport the Scouts to the Bull Run Park, where we will camp. Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Diming will be at the camp, with a fire (and dinner) started for our arrival. The boys will set up tents, and dinner will be provided by the Troop.

On Sunday morning, we will again have Troop Cooking, and will return as noted on the Permission Slip.

Things to remember
  2. The Federal Buildings have security restrictions. Minimize what you carry with you- and do not bring pocket knives, etc. with you into DC as they are not allowed in many of the buildings. Food and drinks (including water bottles) are not allowed in the buildings. Cameras are OK- but some areas may have restrictions.
  3. Eat breakfast before you come on Saturday, and bring a snack with you to eat before boarding the train (we will not have lunch until 11:00).
  4. Bring a mess kit and water bottle on for dinner and breakfast.
  5. Bring spending money for gift shops etc. if desired. The Troop will pay the Metro fees, but snacks, etc. are up to you. Please do not bring large amounts of money (no more than $10 or so).
  6. Dress for the weather Saturday- all gear will remain with the vehicles. Also- the weather will be chilly on Saturday night and Sunday- remember to pack warm clothes (don’t be fooled by today’s weather).
  1. All of the above
  2. We need drivers and adults to be responsible for scouts during the DC visit.
  3. Each adult will be responsible for a group of scouts from the time we board the Metro until the time we return (getting on and off the train must be done quickly, and we don’t want to lose anybody- again). We will do headcounts before leaving and on arrival each time, but each adult needs to make sure his or her scouts get on and off the train as a group.
  4. Each adult will have the name and permission slip of the scouts in their care. They will also have my cell phone number as well as those of the adult leaders should they need assistance.
  5. All adults should carry a cell phone for this trip and make sure the trip leaders have their number.
  6. Scouts should be in sight of the adult leader at all times- scouts making short stops at the restroom, etc., should use the buddy system- NO EXCEPTIONS.
  7. We will review other guidelines (youth protection requirements, etc.) before boarding the train.

We will review other details on Wednesday night. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to let the Scoutmaster know!!
Aj Mezynski,
Feb 3, 2009, 6:23 PM