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2008 Mission: Impossible

Arrohattoc District - Mission: Impossible

Rumor is that there will be plenty of spying, creeping, and sneaking among the fun activities.

Important Communique: Mission Impossible 2008
Sign up for Mission Impossible starts NOW. You need to create an identity; a cover for your real identity. Be prepared to bring with you tonight to the troop meeting a code name for your self and your “squad” of 6 (or so) people.

I don’t have much time. I am being followed. I am in danger and fear for my life. So, I will have to make this quick.

There are some challenging missions planned, including special night time ops to find “The Condor”, a secret double agent at large with highly classified intel. The squads that work together well as a team will do the best. Squads that know how to use a compass will also do well. Also note what essential equipment is required (below) for each agent on the mission. (Each Agent MUST HAVE: Pad and pencil, compass, flashlight, full water bottle, bandanna) (SHOULD HAVE: (per squad) whistle, first aid kit) (NICE TO HAVE: GPS)

For all the scouts that are going, an AGENT NAME must be devised and recorded on the enclosed encrypted document. You will need to forward them to me once agents are identified, where I will register them at spook central. This information is key to getting your Agent ID badges and other, under-cover credentials.

Special uniforms issuance for successful agents surviving the mission will be made available (T-shirts for a small fee). Cost $9-14

Rule the Night

Planned Events for the Evening (starting around 6:30 pm) will Include:
  • Laser Gauntlet (Teamwork to get through a field of light beams)
  • Stealth Stalking (You'll learn more when you arrive)
  • Spy Gadgetry (Find the target using a handheld GPS)
  • Sneak a Peak at the Stars (in the sky... not Hollywood)
  • Knot Too Difficult (Knot typing race in the dark)
  • String Walk (Blindfolded Teamwork)
  • Spy-der Web (Teamwork to navigate a spider web)
  • It's Radioactive (Teamwork to move a "radioactive" substance)
  • Undercover Survival (First Aid Challenge)
  • Flip the World (You'll learn more when you arrive)
  • Munch... Spy... Munch... Spy... Munch... Spy (A scout's favorite activity - snack time)
  • Spy Transport (Stretcher race)
  • Catapult Competition (It's exactly what it sounds like)
  • Discover the Condor (Use a compass to find the target and discover the condor)
  • other events

Also if you want an AWESOME t-shirt to commemorate the event (about $10 - refer to additional information enclosed), please make your selection and include that with your payment. T-shirt deadline is October 20.
Aj Mezynski,
Feb 3, 2009, 6:14 PM
Aj Mezynski,
Feb 3, 2009, 6:14 PM