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2008 Cavalier Campout

We will be hosting Webelos at Cavalier. Scouts will have the opportunity to complete the shooting skill for the Shotgun and Rifle Merit Badges. The class work for the Merit Badges will be scheduled later.

The Shotgun range will be reserved for Boy Scouts and adult guests per BSA policy. The Rifle range will be reserved for Boy Scouts until the Webelos arrive.

Meals will be a combination of Patrol and Troop cooking. Details will be announced at the meetings.
Permission Slip
Due to costs, we can not offer a free campout this year. The base camp is only $15, but for Shotgun there is additional charge of $10 per 25 to cover the costs of the ammunition and clay targets.

Aj Mezynski,
Feb 3, 2009, 6:13 PM