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2007 West Virginia Extravaganza


June 21 – 24 (yes, that’s THREE nights of camping!)

Below is the permission slip.


Greenbrier State Forest, WV

Maps for drivers!

To see pictures of the areas we will be visiting, Mr. Wheeler has provided his
PowerPoint presentation, but it is very large (approx. 10MB).


Organ Cave Tour, Greenbrier River Trail bike ride, Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Edray Trout Hatchery, Droop Mountain Battle Field State Park, Bear Town State Park, and plenty of wide open space to have fun!


Troop 860 Scouts, Leaders, and helpful parents. Sorry, no siblings or Webelo’s on this one.


$20.00 per camper.


June 21:

Muster at the parking area across from the pool at 3:00pm. Drive time is 4 hours. Have car lunch ready to munch. Arrive at Greenbrier State Forest Camping Area at approx 7:30pm. Prepare camp, have a simple cracker barrel, and get ready for an action packed Friday!

June 22:

Up by 7:00am, Troop breakfast, load bikes, prepare for the day.

Muster at 8:30am, leave at 9:00am.

Arrive at Organ cave, 9:45am. End tour around 12:00 noon.

Lunch at cars – leave for bike tour launch site by 12:45

Arrive at bike launch 1:45pm

Arrive at bike ride end (12 miles later) by 5:00pm

Return to camp by 6:00pm PATROL COOKING!

June 23:

Up by 6:30am, Troop breakfast, prepare for the day.

Muster at 7:45am, leave for Green Bank at 8:00am

Arrive at Green Bank at 10:00am, begin tour

Complete tour at 12:00 noon, lunch at cars

Leave for Edray Trout Hatcher, 1:00pm

Arrive at Edray TH 2:00pm

Leave Edray, 3:00pm

Arrive Droop Mtn, 3:45pm

Leave Droop Mtn, 5:00pm

Arrive Bear Town 5:30pm

Leave Bear Town, 6:30pm

Arrive at Camp, 7:30pm

Troop Cooking! Quick and Yummy!

June 24:


Troop Breakfast at 9:00am

Break camp by 10:00am

Home by 2:00pm


Organ Cave Tour. Civil War History and much more! Over two miles of underground tour covers a small portion of this massive cave! Amazing geological structure and our nation’s history will both be explored on this fantastic tour!

Greenbrier Bicycle Ride. It doesn’t get easier than this! Prior railroad converted into a 76 mile multiuse recreation trail. No more that 3% grade the whole way! Follow the beautiful Green Brier River through the most scenic country our nation has to offer. We’re only covering about 12 miles and we have all afternoon to do it. It’ll be fun! Did I mention the cool PATCH you’ll earn for this!!!

Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory. The largest fully steerable telescope in the world! This thing defines BIG. Dive into the world of the celestial and learn the language of the stars.

Edray Trout Hatchery. Sportsmen covet this mighty fish. Find out how this hatchery, and many like it, keep a thriving sport fishing industry active. Do the stocked trout help or hurt the natural ecology of a small mountain stream? Find the answers to this and much more!

Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park. Confederates have the high ground and are pounding the Union army in the valley below. A bold and daring maneuver by Union solders threatens to cut off the Confederates from their only escape route. Heroism on both sides guide the events played out at Droop Mountain. Many of these brave men are still there, buried among the oaks. Check out the magnificent watch tower and see what solders of long ago saw as they gazed down in the valley below.

Bear Town State Park. There’s something in this place, and not just the bears! It gets in your thoughts and you’ll find yourself dwelling on the coolness of the shadows and the stillness of time long after your visit to this magical place. This small park is cited by many WV residents as their favorite place to visit. Time at Bear Town is measured in millions of years. You will not forget Bear Town.

Greenbrier State Forest. Talk about having plenty of room! Our camping area is HUGE and the field up above our area is also HUGE. Cloudless nights will be filled with stars as we are far from any major light source. Nothing commercial here, just wide open spaces. We’re locating rented portable restrooms on site but fear not, porcelain is right across the road at the regular campground including showers. The pool down the way will also be open including a bath house.

So is that worth a day off from work! ARE YOU KIDDING!! Do you really think another day at work will make that much of a difference? But a day with your son can make all the difference to him. So come on, join us, we’re going to have fun and be in beautiful West Virginia on a wonder EXTRAVAGANZA!
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