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2007 May Backpacking Trip


The May Campout is going to be a Hiking/Backpacking activity at camp Dundo in the beautiful Shenandoah National Forest.
Check the weather!

To be prepared, you need to know what weather to expect. This will take to you to the park weather forecast.

Schedule/Key Dates

April 25 – begin sign ups

May 2 – PERMISSION SLIPS DUE. Organize patrols for patrol cooking/Tent assignments

May 9 – Patrol cooking planning (note: this will be offsite – the church has CARITAS on this date)

May 16 – Shenandoah National Forest, Appalachian Trail educational program. Weigh-in. key note for the backpackers – their filled backpack cannot exceed 25% of their body weight.

May 18th – Depart.

May 20th - Return

The plan is to depart the Woodlake Athletic Center at approximately 5:00 PM. I realize this is early, but the earlier departure will enable us to arrive at the Dundo Camp before nightfall and get camp setup and have a nice cracker barrel.

On Saturday, we will have two sets of primary activities.

The first activity will be a five-mile hike, with minimal gear (day/backpacks with water and snacks), along the trails near Camp Dundo. This activity will be geared primarily towards our newly cross-over scouts. The goal is to get the boys acclimated to fairly long (5 + mile) hikes. Back at camp, we will focus on activities to help the boys in their rank advancement. As I mentioned in the last Troop meeting, we could use some of the older scouts to assist with the curriculum development and training. The other benefit for the new scouts is that the gear requirements are minimal. Camp Dundo accommodates car camping, so you will not need to lug that 8 person family tent over half a mile of the Appalachian trail :-) . If you're still purchasing gear for camping, your cub-scout gear will accommodate just fine.

The second activity will be a twelve mile backpacking trip. On Sat AM, after breakfast, the backpackers will pack up their gear and set out on their trip. The plan is to hike approx 12 miles south along the Appalachian Trail. They’ll hike 8-9 miles on Saturday, then another 3-4 on Sunday before arriving at the pickup point. This activity is geared towards our second-year and older scouts, and is a great opportunity, because the elevation changes are minimal.


Base camp

The scouts who stay at base camp (Dundo) will be PATROL COOKING. This means the patrols will have to organize their menus and purchase food for

Saturday Breakfast

Saturday Lunch

Saturday Dinner

We have enough patrol cook kits in the troop to accommodate the needs of the troop here, but the boys will have to plan their menus AND purchase their food.

The Troop will supply Cracker Barrel on Friday and Saturday nights. The Troop will also provide breakfast on SUNDAY morning.


The scouts who are backpacking will be BACKPACK cooking. This means they will need to plan for and purchase the following meals on an individual basis

Saturday Breakfast

Saturday Lunch

Saturday Dinner

Sunday Breakfast

Permission Slip

The permission slip needs to be returned it by May 2.

Here's a link to Google Maps, in case you're interested to see where the campgroud is.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Miller with questions/concerns.
Aj Mezynski,
Mar 1, 2009, 3:49 PM