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2006 C&O Canal Trip

The Next Troop Meeting

The permission slip is due this troop meeting.

If you plan on bring your bike on this trip, you need to bring it Wednesday evening in order to be inspected before you will be allowed to take in on the trip.

General Information

We will be leaving Friday, September 15th, from our usual parking lot to travel to Georgetown where we will set up camp for the weekend. You are to meet at the parking lot at 5:00. Please eat dinner before you get there or bring a bag meal to eat. Just one reminder, if you are bring a bag meal, please check with your drive to see if you may eat in their vehicle on the drive up. On Saturday morning, we will get breakfast (patrol cooking), get the bikes we need to rent and hope to start out on the trail around 10:00 a.m. for our bike ride.

We will be eating lunch (troop provided) on the trail and as mentioned at the troop meeting, there will be two groups, one doing a 50 mile trip and the rest of us doing a 25 mile trip. Remember, you need to be approved by Mr. Miller, Mr. Blake or Mr. Homan to attempt the 50 mile trip, no exceptions. We plan on being on the trail for most of the day and returning to the campsite for dinner (troop provided).

On Sunday, we will break camp and head to a boat ride on the canal for about 1 hour. After that, we will head home. You will need money for lunch on the ride back home.

Items to bring (other than normal)
  • Bike (one that has passed inspection on Wednesday night or plan on renting one up there)
  • Bike helmet (required)
  • Gloves (recommended, your hands will take a beating on the trail)
  • Backpack (recommended, we need to travel from the road down a path to the campsite and you will not want to make several trips.)
  • A bike lock (if you have one)
  • Sun screen
  • Mess kit

We will need the following:
  • We will need to take three trailers, one scout trailer and two flat bed trailers for the bikes. We need volunteers to take some of the trailers up and back.
  • We will need volunteers to buy the food for the troop.
  • We will need volunteers to cook dinner on Saturday evening (something in one pot, like beef stew).
  • We will need to have two “chasers” to be ready for any problems/emergencies that happen on the trail (bike breakdown, accidents, blown tires, etc). The job of the chasers will be to deliver lunch and drinks on Saturday and have the capability to take any broken bikes back to the campsite if needed. These individuals will not be on a bike, but in a vehicle that can carry extra bikes and coolers (pickup truck, SUV, van). Most of the time, hopefully, these individuals will not be doing much except waiting for a phone call on Saturday.

Adults, if you can help on any of these items, please let Mr. Homan know no later than Wednesday evening.
Aj Mezynski,
Mar 1, 2009, 3:44 PM