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2004 Climbing Lock-in

Climbing Lock-in at Peak Experiences
Friday, February 20th, we will be meeting at Peak Experiences for a climbing lock-in.

  • Friday Evening
    Peak Experiences requires belayers to be at least 13 years old. Adults and scouts who qualify and want to belay will meet in the WUMC parking lot at 6:00PM. Belayers will stay at Peak Experiences until the rest of the troop arrives.

    Scouts who will not be belaying will meet in the WUMC parking lot at 8:00PM.

  • Saturday Morning
    We will return to WUMC at 7:30AM on Saturday morning. Bring money for breakfast at McDonalds. Scouts attending the Patrick Henry program will (tentatively) leave directly from Peak Experiences.

What to Bring

Release Forms
There are two release forms needed for this lock-in. The troop release form and the Peak Experiences waiver are below.

The cost for the night is $30.00, plus bring money for breakfast.

Wear comfortable clothes that allow for freedom of movement while climbing.

Appropriate shoes for climbing include athletic shoes and boots. Special climbing shoes may be rented for an additional $3.14, but are not necessary.

Bring a sleeping bag, pad, and pillow even if you think you won't be sleeping. It will at least give you a comfortable place to relax.

Climbing takes energy so be sure you can refuel during the night. (Take it easy on the caffeine!) Drinks and snacks that you would take hiking work well. Bring money for breakfast at McDonald's.

You won't be climbing the whole time, so bring some cards, books, etc. NO ELECTRONICS and NO LASER POINTERS.

Bring an old pair of work gloves to avoid the chance of blisters and to keep your hands from turning gray.

Patrick Henry participants
You will be leaving directly from Peak Experiences, so bring all your materials needed and Class A's.
Aj Mezynski,
Mar 1, 2009, 3:06 PM
Aj Mezynski,
Mar 1, 2009, 3:06 PM