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2003 LaserQuest Lock-in

December LaserQuest Lock-in
Our December activity is a lock-in at LaserQuest this Saturday (Friday night), 12/06 from Midnight until 6:00 AM.

Give to the permission slip to Mr. Blake or bring it to the event.
Where: Laserquest, 889 Research Rd., 378-0400

Date: Saturday (Friday night), 12/06 @ Midnight until 6:00am

Departure Time: 11:15pm from WUMC
Arrival Time: 7:15am at WUMC

Bring $$$ for breakfast @ McDonalds immediately following the lock-in.

Participants: Troop 880 (Gary Gibbs & approximately 15 Scouts) & Troop 860 (Greg Blake, other leaders & approximately 25 Scouts)

Lock-In Manager: Tiffany

Vending Machines and Drinks are available but we can bring any food we wish.

Dominoes Pizza is inclulded.

Video games available...change machine on premises.

Once participant enters...they may not leave except with parent's permission.

Total cost is $900.00 for the night. The per person charge will be determined by number of particpants. I estimate a group of approximately 45, hence the per person charge would be $20.00.

Siblings will be considered once we see what the Scout demand looks like on Wednesday.

Permission slips will be collected on Wednesday.
Any other questions?
Contact Mr. Blake at
Aj Mezynski,
Mar 1, 2009, 3:04 PM