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Treasurer policies and procedures

  Reimbursement Policy 
The Troop Committee approved following change to the reimbursement process.
The Committee Chair (or his designee) must approve:
  1. All payments over $150.00
  2. All payment for over $25.00 that are not accompanied by a receipt(s).
The Check Request Form can be found here.

All refunds have to be approved by the Troop Committee to make sure the troop is not impacted by unrecoverable fees.


While not requirements, the following procedures will make life easier for the troop treasurer and those collecting money for events (campouts, summer camp, etc.)
  • Checks are preferred over cash as we are not currently providing receipts. Your check will serve as a receipt. Also, cash has a greater chance of being misdirected to the wrong account.
  • In most cases, incoming payments should go to the person(s) responsible for the event or activity (campouts, summer camp, etc.)
  • When paying for two or more events at the same time, separate checks are preferred. Often the persons responsible for individual activities need to provide their own accounting before the funds are passed to the treasurer
  • In most cases, requests for reimbursement should be directed to the treasurer. Receipts should be taped to an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper.