About Us

Troop Photos:
  • The Troop 2860 Photo Library can be found here.
  • The library is restricted.  You can request the password if you do not already have it by e-mailing photos@troop2860.org
Troop Calendar 
  • The calendar is available on the home page of the web site.
  • This calendar is updated during the year with training, district events, OA, and school events.
  • This calendar is the direct result of the scout's August planning meeting.
Troop Goals
  • The "Troop Goals" can be found here, this is a list of goals that help lead the troop.
Troop Policies Handbook
  • The "Troop 2860 Policies and Procedures Handbook" is designed to provide an explanation of normal Troop 2860 operating procedures for new Scouts and their parents, as well as serve as a guide for our leaders to ensure that their actions and decisions will reflect the best interests of our troop, with fairness to all concerned.

Troop Camping Guidelines
  • The "Troop Camping Guidelines" and the "Troop 2860 Program philosophy" can be found here.
Troop Web Policy
  • The "Troop Web Policy" can be found here.
Eagle Hall of Fame
  • The "Eagle Hall of Fame" is a list of the all troop Eagle Scouts and it can be here.
    • "This link is password protected."
 Scout Progress Report
  • The "Scout Progress Reports" can be requested by sending an email to the "Troop Advancement Coordinator"
 Treasurer policies and procedures
  • Information related to "Treasurer policies and procedures" can be found here.
Links marked with an asterisk(*) are password protected.