About Us

Troop Photos:
  • The Troop 2860 Photo Library can be found here.
  • The library is restricted.  You can request the password if you do not already have it by e-mailing photos@troop2860.org
Troop Calendar 
  • The calendar is available on the home page of the web site.
  • This calendar is updated during the year with training, district events, OA, and school events.
  • This calendar is the direct result of the scout's August planning meeting.
Troop Goals
  • The "Troop Goals" can be found here, this is a list of goals that help lead the troop.
Troop Policies Handbook
  • The "Troop 2860 Policies and Procedures Handbook" can be found here, and is designed to provide an explanation of normal Troop 2860 operating procedures for new Scouts and their parents, as well as serve as a guide for our leaders to ensure that their actions and decisions will reflect the best interests of our troop, with fairness to all concerned.

Troop Camping Guidelines
  • The "Troop Camping Guidelines" and the "Troop 2860 Program philosophy" can be found here.
Troop Web Policy
  • The "Troop Web Policy" can be found here.
Eagle Hall of Fame
  • The "Eagle Hall of Fame" is a list of the all troop Eagle Scouts and it can be here.
    • "This link is password protected."
 Scout Progress Report
  • The "Scout Progress Reports" can be requested by sending an email to the "Troop Advancement Coordinator"
 Treasurer policies and procedures
  • Information related to "Treasurer policies and procedures" can be found here.
Links marked with an asterisk(*) are password protected.